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How we use MySQL today?

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Come all and hear from six great speakers who will be describing how they use MySQL today with clients and customers.

• Peter Zaitsev (Percona) - MariaDB Server Monitoring with Percona Monitoring and Management

• Luisa Raviol (MariaDB Corporation) -
How big enterprises are setting up their DBaaS based on MariaDB

• Colin Charles (Percona) - The Proxy Wars - MySQL Router, ProxySQL, MariaDB MaxScale, and others

• Sveta Smirnova (Percona) - Managing MariaDB Server operations with Percona Toolkit

• Ronald Bradford (Pythian) - A TokuDB migration story

• Wagner Bianchi (MariaDB) - Scaling MariaDB w/ MaxScale

I apologize that this date coincides with the first night of Passover Seder. Unfortunately this date is aligned with the M|17 NYC event.


6:15pm Meet and greet

6:30pm Presentations

8:00pm Q&A

8:30pm wrap-up

RSVP's will close one day before the event to finalize names for the event space.
1115 Broadway · New York, NY
How to find us

Room 1277, 12th Floor, 1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010

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