• MySQL 8.0 Document Store: How to Mix NoSQL & SQL in MySQL 8.0

    MySQL 8.0 is now also a Document Store where it's very easy to store JSON documents and use CRUD operations. Developers now can deal with their datata without writing a single line of SQL. In this talk, I will show how easy it's for developers to use CRUD operations that allow a cleaner and easier development but also how the DBA can deal with the data and benefits from the power of a RDBMS. Our guest speaker Frédéric (lefred) Descamps will illustrate this with examples where we add data/modify data very easily and where we increase the speed of the queries in the background and generate more complicated reports using SQL on the same data. The best of both worlds in one single product. Agenda: 6:00-6:15 pm Meet and Greet 6:15-6:30 pm Introductions 6:30-7:30 pm Presentations 7:30-8:00 pm Q&A About our Speaker: Frédéric Descamps is MySQL Community Manager for EMEA & APAC. He joined the MySQL Community Team in May 2016. "@lefred" has been an OpenSource and MySQL consultant for more than 15 years. His favorite topics are High Availability and Performance.

  • MariaDB OpenWorks 2019

    Conrad Hotel

    MariaDB will be hosting Open Works, its annual user conference from Feb. 25-27, 2019 at the Conrad Hotel in New York City. At the conference, MariaDB experts and practitioners meet to exchange ideas, best practices and success stories. Join MariaDB in NYC to share the journey on open source strategies and infrastructure modernization.

  • Turbocharge your MySQL queries in-memory with In-Memory Computing

    Learn how to boost performance 1000x and scale to over 1 billion transactions per second with in-memory storage of hundreds of TBs of data for your MySQL-based applications. Apache Ignite is a unique data management platform that is built on top of a distributed key-value store and provides full-fledged MySQL support. Attendees will learn how Apache Ignite handles auto-loading of a schema and data from MySQL, supports MySQL indexes, supports compound indexes, and various forms of MySQL queries including distributed MySQL joins. Examples will show: * How to import MySQL schema and preserve and sync the data sets stored in MySQL and Apache Ignite. * How to connect to Apache Ignite from your favorite tool or application language using an ODBC or JDBC driver and start talking to clustered data using familiar statements like SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE or INSERT. Agenda: 6:00-6:15 pm Meet and Greet - Pizza & Drinks 6:15-7:30 pm Presentations 7:30-8:00 pm Q&A

  • MariaDB New York Roadshow


    Leading open source database MariaDB will be hosting a roadshow event in New York to showcase its latest solutions and capabilities, and share best practices and real-world use cases for enabling mission-critical performance, security and analytics. This complimentary day-long event will feature MariaDB experts leading content-rich sessions on modern application development, effective high availability strategies, performance tuning tips, security optimization, scalable analytics, and an open forum on containerization. Attendees will: See the latest MariaDB product features and real-world use cases Learn how to take advantage of the flexibility of schemaless data structures and explore advanced SQL-techniques with MariaDB Identify various high availability, deployment and containerization options Learn how to confidently secure data with MariaDB AX Interact and network with MariaDB experts and users To view the full agenda and register to attend, visit: https://mariadb.com/roadshow#newyork­ Event Link: https://mariadb.com/roadshow#newyork­

  • NYC Oracle MySQL 8.0 Appreciation Night

    Bookmark Rooftop Lounge 14th Floor of The Library Hotel

    To celebrate the release of Oracle MySQL 8.0, you are invited to the Oracle MySQL Appreciation Night! You must register at https://eventreg.oracle.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKwebID=0x554269abcd&source=MSQL180501P00027:se:eo:ie:pt:SEO100712970&evite=MSQL180501P00027:se:eo:ie:pt:SEO100712970

  • MariaDB 18 User Conference

    Conrad New York

    • What we'll do MariaDB is hosting its second annual user conference, M|18, in Tribeca next month – Feb. 26 & 27. This local show is an easy and fun way to learn more about the fastest growing open source database and hang out with MariaDB experts, including the engineers who build the MariaDB software itself. • What to bring • Important to know See the mailing list for a special promo code for first 50 to register

  • Oracle MySQL Innovation Day

    Convene Conference Center

    For registrations goto http://www.oracle.com/us/dm/seo100651688-na-us-ip-ce1-ie1a-ev-3877757.html You're Invited to Oracle MySQL Innovation Day! Join us to hear directly from MySQL’s lead engineers about MySQL’s latest advances and road map, which were developed with two goals in mind: to help you solve real-world challenges and innovate to get ahead. You’ll get a view of our strategic direction,into specific capabilities, their use cases, and benefits in our interactive sessions. Register for this no-cost event to: Learn about MySQL’s advances and what’s ahead from Oracle MySQL’s leading engineers.Discover new solutions and ways to sharpen your competitive edge.Ask questions and engage in discussions with MySQL experts. We look forward to seeing you there! Agenda 8:00am – 9:00am Registration & Breakfast 9:00am – 9:15am Keynote: MySQL | State of the Dolphin Tomas Ulin, Vice President MySQL Engineering 9:15am – 10:00am MySQL 8.0: What’s New Morgan Tocker, MySQL Senior Product Manager 10:00am – 10:45am MySQL 8.0: CTEs & Window Functions Manyi Lu, Director Software Development MySQL Optimizer Team 10:45am – 11:00am Morning Break 11:00am – 11:45am Developing Next Generation Applications for Web & Mobile Morgan Tocker, MySQL Senior Product Manager 11:45am – 12:30pm MySQL Enterprise Security Mike Frank, MySQL Product Management Director 12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch 1:30pm – 2:15pm MySQL Replication Luis Soares, Principal Software Engineer 2:15pm – 3:00pm MySQL InnoDB Cluster Matt Lord, MySQL Senior Product Manager 3:00pm – 3:45pm MySQL Performance Tuning Manyi Lu, Director Software Development MySQL Optimizer Team

  • How we use MySQL today?


    Come all and hear from six great speakers who will be describing how they use MySQL today with clients and customers. • Peter Zaitsev (Percona) - MariaDB Server Monitoring with Percona Monitoring and Management • Luisa Raviol (MariaDB Corporation) - How big enterprises are setting up their DBaaS based on MariaDB • Colin Charles (Percona) - The Proxy Wars - MySQL Router, ProxySQL, MariaDB MaxScale, and others • Sveta Smirnova (Percona) - Managing MariaDB Server operations with Percona Toolkit • Ronald Bradford (Pythian) - A TokuDB migration story • Wagner Bianchi (MariaDB) - Scaling MariaDB w/ MaxScale I apologize that this date coincides with the first night of Passover Seder. Unfortunately this date is aligned with the M|17 NYC event. Agenda 6:15pm Meet and greet 6:30pm Presentations 8:00pm Q&A 8:30pm wrap-up RSVP's will close one day before the event to finalize names for the event space.

  • Always On, Without Fail: MySQL Group Replication

    MySQL Group Replication (GR) is now Generally Available (GA) in MySQL[masked]. Matt Lord will be giving us all the details from configuration, ease of setup, operation and management of MySQL GR as well as talking about the features of MySQL InnoDB Cluster. If you have been following any of the great tutorials by Frederic Descamps at Percona Live and Oracle Open World you will see MySQL GR is the highly available synchronous solution for using InnoDB in MySQL. Find more information on the release at http://mysqlhighavailability.com/mysql-group-replication-its-in-5-7-17-ga/ Agenda 6:15pm Meet and greet 6:30pm Presentation 7:30pm Q&A 8:00pm wrap-up RSVP's will close one day before the event to finalize names for the event space. About the Author Matt Lord is a Senior Product Manager in the MySQL group at Oracle. He has over 20 years of database and application development experience with MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase using a wide array of programming languages in a variety of UNIX and MS Windows based environments. He has spent the last 13 years working for MySQL, the first year in the Training department and the subsequent 9 years within the Support team, before finally moving to Product Management where one of his primary focuses today is on making MySQL a natively distributed and highly available database that's easy to operate at scale

  • MyRocks: Space and write optimized MySQL database at Facebook

    In December we have special guest speaker Yoshinori Matsunobu from Facebook who is going to talk to us about MyRocks. Thanks to Work-Bench for providing the event space for this presentation. Facebook created and open-sourced a next generation OLTP SQL database on modern Flash storage called MyRocks -- RocksDB storage engine for MySQL. Facebook has used MySQL (InnoDB) for many years, and InnoDB is a great general purpose database and in many cases is the best fit. Facebook wanted more space to write optimized databases that work more efficiently on Flash. There was room to write optimized NoSQL databases outside of MySQL ecosystem, but the company wanted to utilize existing MySQL assets like client programs relying on SQL and MySQL connectors, Replication, and administration tools. To meet these requirements, it created a new MySQL storage engine on top of RocksDB ( http://rocksdb.org/ ) -- MyRocks ( https://github.com/facebook/mysql-5.6 ). In this session, the speaker will introduce MyRocks, its architecture, and how Facebook is using MyRocks in production. Agenda 6:15pm Meet and greet 6:30pm Presentation 7:30pm Q&A 8:00pm wrap-up RSVP's will close one day before the event to finalize names for the event space. About the speaker Yoshinori Matsunobu is a Production Engineer at Facebook, and now is leading MyRocks project. Yoshinori has been around MyRocks community for over 10 years, and was a senior consultant at MySQL Inc since 2006 to 2010. Yoshinori created a couple of useful open source product/tools, including MHA (automated MySQL master failover tool) and quickstack.