What we're about

If you have ever been called crazy by someone because of your home projects and experiments, we want to hear from you!


Of course, we have room for more conventional DIYers and home experimenters, as well!

Whether you are:
- trying out ideas for solar energy (thermal or electric)
- finding innovative ways to cool your home in Texas’ hot sun
- saving water or electricity
- improving gas mileage
- automating your home through “smart” devices (very popular these days…)
- inventing a new way to do lawn work
- planting a garden for maximum yield
- coming up with new ideas to amuse your pets
…OR investigating some way other way of improving your life !


The “Efficient Living Mastermind Forum - DIY Home Experimenters” Meetup is designed for people young and old who like experimenting with new ideas that make life easier and maybe a bit less expensive than standard current conventional thought.

We have tools, ideas, and expertise that can help you with your projects, and share ideas. We are always looking for people who love to present their ideas to others, and for people who are open to suggesting cool problems for the group to help brainstorm ideas (there is no better fun than brainstorming, is there?...).

Our typical member has:
- Built something unusual in his backyard or garage
- Been called crazy by someone (usually a close family member or friend)
- Had something catch fire in their backyard
- Had projects that no one understood
- Had Technical, Engineering, or Business training
- Spent years in a trade
- Bought at least two power tools in their lives
- Figured out a “better” way to do something others never considered
- Always wondered why …
- Loves trying out new technology, but doesn’t want to pay for of some it when he can go to a few other people who have tried out the thing themselves.

After reading this list, if you are nodding your head yes right now, you need to come to our next introductory meeting near you… You’ll find lots of folks just like you who love to build, invent, investigate, plant, fix things, save money, and in general learn by doing things. Come tell us what you have been up to! WARNING: This group is for serious experimenters who are ready to take their
ability to the next level by increasing their sphere of knowledge
and applying their skills. This group is not for the faint of heart. For those of you who apply to join, make sure you are ready to learn, grow, and invest in yourself by applying the principles of successful investigation and meaningful presentations. This could be great practice for developing a product and presentation for future investors !!

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