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Conscious Relationships - Living & Loving from the Heart of Our Being
We all want peace and harmony in our relationships, but often we find ourselves in conflict instead. Join Jeff Maurer and Julie Klopp to learn how to experience more peace with your loved ones (and yourself) this holiday season and more harmonious relationships with family, friends and coworkers anytime of the year. Join us for an afternoon workshop~playshop where we will meditate, explore and play. This workshop, and the one on Sunday the 18th, will cover : Effortless Meditation & Beyond: Learn how to use EM&B meditation to rest in and as This loving Awareness that you really Are and be This Space even in challenging interactions. There is no breathwork, no mantra, no visualizations – just a deeper and deeper surrendering into What you really Are as This Spacious Awareness. Exploring your own triggers: Learn how to consciously be the Space that holds the stories and emotions that cause you to unconsciously react to what others say and do, while fully meeting and releasing them. Listening compassionately: Learn how to express your own feelings and listen to others without casting blame. To quote Ram Dass: "If you think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your family." Relationship challenges can arise especially strongly around the holidays when we visit our families and find old patterns of conditioning showing up. Both Awakening to What we really Are and dealing directly with difficult emotions and personal issues can have very practical implications with regard to finding more peace, freedom and love in challenging relationships. When we fully meet the emotions that get triggered by others, then these emotions have an opportunity to get released and what is discovered underneath is This Spacious Awareness... From this Place, we can find that the time spent with a challenging or antagonistic family member is much better than previous times. And so there is the opportunity for greater harmony and even love... $25 for the afternoon/$45 for both days (17th & 18th) NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY ALL PRICES ARE SUGGESTED DONATIONS ~ PAY AT THE DOOR BY CASH OR CHECK (made out to Jeff Maurer) For directions: Here are some testimonials from a previous EM&B Workshop~Playshop: “We found this form of meditation to be both deepening and enlightening. The positive effects of pervading peace and joy could be felt within a few days. We are so honored to offer these workshops.”~ Tania & Stream, OneCircle Center "This was a great workshop of heartfelt meditation, open heart sharing … warm hugs, and OM chanting that provided a beautiful experience of Oneness. Thank you Jeff and Julie for your dedication." ~ Rani "Thank you for the openness and gentle presence of the workshop, which allowed one to go effortlessly into meditation." ~ Mandara "Thank you. So grateful to know you… Spending time with you is one of few things I enjoy more than nothing." ~ Peter "The meditation was deepening, the sangha was focused, the sharing was engaging, in a word, the session was great! Thank you." ~ Kathy

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What we're about

Welcome Spiritual Friends!

Our purpose is to support your desire to experience much less anxiety, worry, depression, stress and suffering; and to experience more and more peace, freedom, happiness, love, compassion and the call to Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment...

Spiritual Enlightenment is about realizing that What we already really Are is This Spacious Awareness in which all our thoughts, emotions, sensations, bodies and circumstances appear, exist for awhile, and disappear...

I feel called to finally unveil a meditation called Effortless Meditation & Beyond that I have been developing for a number of years. Effortless Meditation & Beyond will allow us to experience one of the easiest, quickest, most direct, most effective and most effortless meditations to get at least a glimpse of This Spacious Awareness and to deepen in This Spiritual Awakening...

As we live our lives more and more as This Spacious Awareness, we will naturally experience more and more Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Love and Compassion for all people, including ourselves.

For more than 11 years, I have been developing and teaching EM&B meditation to prisoners in the local maximum security jail and to other small groups. It's truly amazing how nearly everyone experiences This Peace, Happiness and Freedom and many inmates actually begin using EM&B while incarcerated.

Our brand new website is operational now. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: .

I invite you to check out what Effortless Meditation & Beyond has to offer you...

May Peace Be With You...

May All Beings Awaken,

jeff maurer

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