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True Meditation & Beyond... A Simple Technique to Find Peace Anywhere & Anytime
Dear Friends, "I have known Jeff for many years and I am continually appreciative of his loving presence as he provides a non-judgmental space to hold whatever is coming up for me. I can show up exactly as I am and he meets me where I am in my humanness, all the while pointing back to What I Really Am. Thank you so much, Jeff!" ~ Julie Klopp "Hi Jeff, thanks again for an amazing session! You have a keen emotional sensitivity, and a rare understanding of how to work with the mind, body, and emotions to clear old / stuck energy. Your method is simple yet powerful. I’ve continued using the techniques you showed me, and continue to reap benefits. I feel inspired to know I now have a new tool that I can use to work through difficult memories and emotions... Furthermore, I appreciate your patient & gentle approach, and the amount of heart, attention, generosity, and commitment you have brought to our interactions over the brief period of time since we met. It's been a pleasure to become acquainted with you, and I hope to stay in touch and continue to learn from & share experiences with you. ~ Warm regards," ~ David Peter Jensen "Amazing meditation technique! Experience of "spacial awareness" is really profound. There is nothing to repeat, nothing to concentrate on - just a simple, effective meditation." ~ Padma Feel free to invite a friend! On Saturday, SEPTEMBER 22nd 7:00pm -9:30pm It's OK to arrive late or leave early!! 1) We will experience True Meditation & Beyond... and 2) We will explore whatever spiritual questions or issues you may like to bring up... This True Meditation event is for you if: * you want to experience less stress and more Peace * you have never meditated * you say you can't meditate * you have meditated for years, or even decades, and still haven't Realized your True Self - What you really Are... * you are afraid to wake up because you don't want to lose your humanness True Meditation is a very easy, simple, direct and effective meditation. I will lead us through the "lightly guided" meditation. This event is experiential, not philosophical, metaphysical or conceptual. At the very least, this meditation will be stress relieving and peaceful. It may, also, be a way to reveal Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment - your True Self... I can almost guarantee that everyone will be able to get at least a glimpse of Enlightenment - Awareness/Spaciousness/Presence... This is the Truth of who you already really Are - your True Self... We have been conditioned to identify with our thoughts, emotions and body sensations and not to identify as the Awareness in which all our thoughts,emotions and body sensations appear and disappear. However, it is possible to experience what is Free of the conditioning... You, as a person, do not have to be special or extraordinary. All that is required is to be open... Please don't just believe me - check it out for yourself in this safe space... Around 9:00 pm we will end the session and just joyfully mingle. Snacks: Please bring a healthy snack. Water and herbal teas will be provided. Cost: Free!! (other meditation methods may cost $100's) I hope you'll join us... in This Peace and Gratitude...jeff DIRECTIONS Shown below are directions to my townhome. I'm also willing to pick you up at the Shady Grove metro if you'd like. Jeff Maurer 3 Briardale Ct. Derwood, MD[masked] [masked] 1) Take I-270 2) Take Exit 9A, I-370 toward MD-200/Metro Station...........~2.0 Mi 3) Take Exit 3A, Shady Grove Rd.......................................... 0.7 Mi .....[Exit 3A is an exit before the ICC 200.] 4) Turn LEFT onto Shady Grove Rd.- North.......................... 0.4 Mi 5) Turn LEFT onto Briardale Rd....................................­......... 0.3 Mi 6) Take 2nd LEFT onto Briardale Ct. My townhouse is the 2nd one on the RIGHT - #3 Park in any space that is not marked "Reserved" or on one side of Briardale Ct.

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What we're about

Welcome to All Seekers of Peace, Happiness, Freedom and Love!!

Our purpose is to support your desire to experience much less anxiety, worry, depression, stress and suffering; and to experience more and more peace, freedom, happiness, love, compassion and the call to Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment...

Spiritual Enlightenment is about realizing that What we already really Are is This Spacious Awareness in which all our thoughts, emotions, sensations, bodies and circumstances appear, exist for awhile, and disappear...

I feel called to finally unveil a meditation called Effortless Meditation & Beyond that I have been developing for a number of years. Effortless Meditation & Beyond will allow us to experience one of the easiest, quickest, most direct, most effective and most effortless meditations to get at least a glimpse of This Spacious Awareness and to deepen in This Spiritual Awakening...

As we live our lives more and more as This Spacious Awareness, we will naturally experience more and more Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Love and Compassion for all people, including ourselves.

For more than 11 years, I have been developing and teaching EM&B meditation to prisoners in the local maximum security jail and to other small groups. It's truly amazing how nearly everyone experiences This Peace, Happiness and Freedom and many inmates actually begin using EM&B while incarcerated.

Our brand new website will be operational soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: .

I invite you to check out what Effortless Meditation & Beyond has to offer you...

May Peace Be With You...

May All Beings Awaken,

jeff maurer

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