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Effortless Weightloss Group is based in the Thames Valley, where we hope to add a new innovative, effective weightloss support option. It is an affordable support group for anyone looking to lose weight sooner, faster and safely in a controlled, healthy manner, based on increased understanding and solid science. Effortless Weightloss Group is open to men and women of all diversities looking to lose, for example, half to 1 kilo a week in a healthy, safe, informed manner. As a member of this meetup group you can attend fun, informative and inexpensive, meetups with other WELLSY’s, where along with refreshments you can: find out how to lose weight safely and for the long-term. Make new friends with similar interests. Find out why diets don't work. Find out why going to the gym can be an expensive waste of time. Find out how to work with your body to make it weightloss ready and fat-burn capable. Find and develop your personal style to fit smaller clothes sizes, amongst other things.

As a member you will also you will be given access, should you wish, to our 3000plus worldwide follower/community of expert nutritionists, doctors, fitness and wellness experts to name a few. This is a cutting-edge online community packed full of the expertise, inspiration, vision and motivation to help you with the transformation in weight and health you seek to achieve.

We start the year with our 4 week modular Weightloss course - Winter Slimbody. This course will allow you to understand how weightgain and weightloss happen, and what you can do to achieve your goal weight within a timeframe, or just drop a dress size in a month, for example.It can be completed by meetup attendance, online correspondence or a mixture of both. Our Meetups are designed to fully help you to plan, initiate and complete your weightloss transformation to a deadline, safely. Future meetups will take advantage of the outdoor beauty health benefits and accessibility of the Thames Valley and The Chilterns, for events like Hill walking, ION walking and pram/buggy strollathons. But for January meetups will be indoors, starting in Micklefield library.

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