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Are you building apps using cross-platform technology? Flutter? React Native? Titanium? NativeScript? Join this group to learn more about all of them, and learn from each other.

Interested in doing cross-platform development but don't have experience yet? There will be introductory talks & workshops regularly!

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The how to build a cross-platform app edition

Ten Hagestraat 4

Thanks to Withlocals for sponsoring this event! Welcome to the second edition of the Eindhoven Cross-Platform meetup. This Edition we'll dive into the learnings of dealing with cross-platform development. The full cycle will be explained from 3 points of views! The agenda 18:00: Doors open, food & drinks! 18:30: Cross-platform all the way - Joep van der Heijden 19:30: What Cross-Platform Technology did for our users - The Good, the bad and the “oops”. - Ikram Rhioui 20:00: Building all the things - in one pipeline - Pim Verlangen 20:30 - Drinks & Mingle Cross-platform all the way There are more users than your app users. Apart from Android and iOS, most of us are just using a web browser on many different devices. But a user is not just a human, it can also be a bot. What about SEO needs and showing link previews on your favorite chat app or social media? This talk will go in-depth on how Withlocals uses cross-platform development and manages to solve these problems. By Joep van der Heijden - Lead frontend developer What Cross-Platform Technology did for our users - The Good, the bad and the “oops”. Cross-platform development has brought many things for users; some good, some bad and some.. oh well. This talk will explain what those things are by presenting real-life examples of how Withlocals users and the product team experienced working with cross platform technology. By Ikram Rhioui - Product manager Building all the things - in one pipeline At Withlocals, we have one codebase for both our website and our apps (iOS and Android). If we decide to deploy a new version, we trigger a build for all three platforms. We will give you a short introduction on how we build our source code in one pipeline for all three platforms, including code-signing and certificate handling for the apps. By Pim Verlangen - Frontend developer

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An Introduction to Cross Platform

Stichting MADspace

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