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Flight Forum 3790 5657 DX · Eindhoven

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18:30 - 19:30
A journey to (micro)services
By Pedro Januario (

In the past 7 years of my carrier I have been building Service Oriented Architectures and distributed systems, building SOAP endpoints complaint with WS-* standards, REST API’s and decomposing monoliths into smaller set’s of services.

During this talk I will share those experiences and tackle the challenges and opportunities of microservices architectures.

19:45 - 20:45
Hands-on microservices toolkit
By Henk-Jan Castermans

Demonstration on how to build microservices with Node.js using the Micro-toolkit.

Micro-toolkit ( started to be a smaller project named ZMQ Service Suite, this project included a set of libraries that would allow you to build microservices using ZeroMQ as a transport layer. The libraries were built to solve a single problem, expose business logic as microservices with 0 friction using RPC style.

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