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Let's code a sea battle game!

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Writing games is a good way to learn a language. This time we'll gather together to code a sea battle game in Haskell! We aim at exercising the application of concepts like:

- IO: Input/output in Haskell.
- REPL: How to write a Read Eval Print Loop console.
- DDD: Domain Driven Design in Haskell.

Don't worry if you're new to Haskell, or if you don't have experience writing Haskell in production, we'll have more experienced people that you can pair with and they can help you!


You're free to use any tool, compiler, framework, etc that you like. If you're new to Haskell you might want to install stack beforehand:

Major editors support Haskell modes. For instance, if you're using Visual Studio, you could install Haskero:

Note that foods and drinks are not provided, but we can order some food once we're at the venue.