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Workshop Series: Don’t Be Evil: Building a Trust Toolkit

TRUST TOOLKIT Throughout the Product lifecycle
Date: Thursday 20th May
Time: 18.30 – 20.00
Location: Miro Online Collaborative Workshop

Together with ThingsCon we have set an ambitious goal for 2021 – join us to discuss how we might develop from ethical and regulatory ‘codes of conduct’ into building the first tools of a Trust Toolkit; designed to guide towards more responsible and trustworthy technology business.

Since the term “Surveillance Capitalism” established itself in 2019, the realisation has been steadily growing that the majority of us are not really the ‘users’ of technology but the ‘product’. And as we pay with our privacy, many still say ‘who cares’ while others point out that the risk of eroding trust will ultimately hit the industries who need trust to build their digital business.

With this series of interactive workshops, we build upon a 2020 ThingsCon Salon Series and Conference Seminar where we asked ourselves what might it take to turn the tide of an impending and some say inevitable ‘Privacy Crisis’”?

Our goal? To raise awareness, trigger discussions, engage with experts and inspire creativity that will help us to map out the first tools we believe could, and should, be built to create a Trust Toolkit.

Workshop 03:
TRUST TOOLKIT Throughout the Product lifecycle
In this workshop we build upon the previous workshop’s discussions (captured in Miro) – by mapping ethical and regulatory frameworks to real world products and practices – to consider the opportunities for tooling that could, or should, promote 'good' practices. Which tools are relevant for the early stages of design and development, or later on throughout the product lifecycle? Which aspects, if any, might be automated, such as testing for developers, auditing for business owners, or providing better transparency or protection for end-users? We will also look ahead to ‘responsible’ technology that will cater to privacy and trust in the future generation of connected devices and solutions.

This workshop series is aimed at a broad audience of professionals with backgrounds in technology, ethics, regulation, (service) design, business, and finance on the requirements and possibilities for a European Code of Trust.

Iskander Smit
Lorna Goulden

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Previous workshops this series:

Workshop 01:
CODE OF TRUST Defining the grey boundaries of Trust
Date: Thursday 22nd April
Time: 18.30 – 20.00
Location: Online and Miro Online Collaborative Workshop

Workshop 02:
TRUST BY DESIGN Trustworthy technology and business practices
Date: Thursday 6th May
Time: 18.30 – 20.00
Location: Online and with Miro Collaborative Workspace


About the organizing partners

ThingsCon was started in Berlin as a conference on new hardware and the internet of things and grew into a community that connects practitioners and fosters the creations of responsible IoT via organizing events, publishing research, and more. ThingsCon in the Netherlands is the most active chapter organizing a yearly conference in December and Salons throughout the year.

EHVIOT is the Eindhoven Internet of Things Meetup, founded in 2015 and currently over 1500 members also responsible for initiating the Eindhoven Things Network (a community-led free-to-use urban IoT LoRaWAN network).