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Welcome to the London Einophony meetup group.

Einophony ® is a new practice created in France two years ago by a psychologist – hypnotherapist and a pneumaphonist.

It mixes hypnosis and vocal exercises in order to reach your inner Self, and let it freely express.

It is based on Einotherapy and Pneumaphony (see below for more details about these practices).

In short, it’s about removing what obstructs access to our Self – through hypnosis – and then learn how to guide this inner tremendous power through Body and Voice practices.

As such, it is an inner path towards less, leading to simplicity, harmony and more self-awareness.

We will regularly organize “tasters” as well as workshops (one to three days).

If you want to know more about Einophony, join one of our next “tasters”! Please note, places are limited (15 people max), so don’t wait till the last minute to book!

If you want to keep updated about our next events, just join our group!

Rediscovering well-being: a few words about Einotherapy

Einotherapy consists of taking care of the self through the self… In other words, of being, instead of doing. Indeed, it is about letting go any resistance, in order to allow the Self back as the driving force. To do so, Einotherapy removes what is superfluous by taking the mask off people and setting them free from tensions associated with unease. According to Einotherapy, feeling uneasy mainly comes from fear and guilt. Neurologically speaking, nerve impulses are bypassed when people experience fear and guilt, whereas when they feel good, people’s brain is in a sort of “power saving mode”, using the quickest routes, without any bypass.

The watchword of Einotherapy is “on the path towards well-being, one has to start with removing…”

From breath to voice via the body: a few words about Pneumaphony

There is no voice without breath. But in the breathing movement lies the seed of people’s entire anxiety. Relearning how to breathe, is relearning how to speak and sing. Pneumaphony also goes the other way around: learning how to sing in order to improve breathing.

Pneumaphony is a powerful tool to work on the body and voice, where universal harmony brings a pure breathing movement. As people practice Pneumaphony, their entire posture modifies and they find deep inner resources to assert themselves and find their place: a new mindset, a different speech, and a quiet strength set in.


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