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Interactive experiment: how do different agile concepts fit together?

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In this meetup, we're going to do an experiment.

We're working for the enterprise 'PT. Stuck in Waterfall' . Top management has requested a presentation on the application of various agile concepts for their company. They want to start a big agile transformation, but they want to be well informed which concepts could fit, how they all fit together and in what priority they should roll out the agile concepts. They've selected one person as the leader of this research/presentation phase. He has authority to engage as many people as he needs to get the information.

We self-organize teams of 4-6 people. Each team picks an agile concept (lean startup, kanban, design sprint, scrum, etc).

Our end product is a presentation on how the agile concepts can be used to transform the company towards more agility. We have an area product owner who's responsible for this end product. Each team has a product owner, responsible for the teams' product: a presentation about the agile concept the team chose.

The teams go through 3 sprints:

Sprint 0 (15 minutes): setting up

Self organized team formation. Selection of scrum master & product owner (+ additional roles?). Discussion between product owners and area product owner
Sprint 2 (20 minutes): product design and plan

project charting: each team makes a plan of how they'll create a presentation on their concept
teams are free to chose any method of presentation: drawing, powerpoint, role play, sketching, dancing, etc
Sprint 2 (25 minutes): research

the product owners have a meeting with the area product owner to form the overall product plan (timeboxed to 15 minutes)the teams start research and discussions on their conceptcollect case studiesfind information about the specific concept (visuals, theory, models, etc)exchange experiences with the concept

Retro: 3 minutes

Sprint 3 (20 minutes): create the presentation

Teams work on their presentationThey can continue research and collecting materials needed for their presentationWhere required, product owners have communication with their area product owner
Retro: 3 minutes

Demo: 5-8 minutes per team (depending on the size of the total group & number of teams)