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How can we combine agile with outsourcing (to other countries)?

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Hugo M. and aruna a.
How can we combine agile with outsourcing (to other countries)?


This meetup, we have an expert from the Netherlands, Paul Tjia. Paul has been a front-runner in the offshore outsourcing industry in Holland. He was one of the first evangelizing India as a destination for Dutch companies. 2 decades later, almost every major enterprise from Europe has offices or partners in India. Paul is also the author of Offshoring Information Technology - Sourcing and Outsourcing to a Global Workforce" (Cambridge University Press).

Paul will discuss 2 main topics in the meetup: his experience with outsourcing to India as well as the pitfalls he has seen. And he will share perspectives of Dutch companies outsourcing work to Indonesia. In Indonesia, outsourcing to India is not mainstream yet. Some companies are working with (big) vendors from India. Gojek has an office in Bangalore; Tokopedia recently opened an office in New Delhi. But most companies prefer to work with local talent. The same pattern happened in the Netherlands 1-2 decades ago; people resisted working with remote providers. But because of a talent crunch and the high education levels in India (and some other regions in the world). companies gradually moved more work offshore. Our second speaker will be Aria Wardhana. Aria worked in a local outsourcing company with an office in Bandung for the past few years. Because of his belief in Agile, he recently joined Ekipa. He will share his perspectives on distributed agile: how can we run 'agile', while (part of) our team is remote?

Jalan Yado No.1 No. 7, Radio Dalam Raya Jakarta Selatan · Jakarta