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Is your zodiac sign a Fire element? Are you an Aries or a Leo or a Sagittarius. Do you consider yourself an outdoor, active, driven, a slightly fast thinker, unwilling to settle for less, always improving in areas of life, positive (for the most part)...
If so, join us to explore the benefit of a setting formed by individuals with these similarities can bring.

Over the course of time through observation, I came to formulate an opinion based on this premise. That the intrinsic similar traits of individuals sharing this characteristic, will be exponentially enhanced when mingled with others. This unconventional view of characterizing people, although, not entirely accepted by the mother of all paradigms, might prove, perhaps, when tried and tested, veracity in itself.

And so...

Because there will be lots of interaction and activities, other prerequisites to join the group are;


-Trustworthy. (not just as adjectives)

-A Healthy, Sane, Positive and Strong Mind, with a rich opinion and outlook of life.

-Comfortable with subjects like Quantum Physics, Psychoanalysis, personal development, ancient history, and the Occult (by occult; meaning hidden from main stream, nothing creepy, spooky or weird, let alone conspiracy theories)

-Valuable lessons learned to share with the group, that perhaps are 'ego based' but not egocentric.

-A Desire to Transcend secular, religious, political, economical and even scientific dogmas.

-A Desire to improve Human Interactions, develop Public Speaking and explore Group Settings. Some Impromptu speaking as well. Although, not necessarily in that order.

-A Sense of Humor (its a must) if sarcasm is your forte, let us know from the beginning.

-Must enjoy reading or writing or both (writing a book, novel, scripts, diary, thoughts, ideas, etc)

-Financially stable.

-Desired age gap between 32 and 42

Meeting 9 out of 11 of the guidelines enables members to make the best out of joining the group.

Downers will be cordially asked to leave the group (this is an unnecessary warning as Fire Elements hardly ever remain in this state of mind -it does not mean they never step into that threshold)

The cost to join the group will be waived for the first 11 members. We'll be meeting once a month, first meeting will take place in a public setting. The rest in a safe enclosed area.

The Value of joining the group lays on the members that conform it. The organizer of this group is NOT an Astrologer, a Psychoanalyst, a Historian nor a Coach of any sort… nor is he interested in receiving a title of any kind.

Feel free to message. Will respond within a day.

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