What we're about

This is a meetup for software developers in El Paso and the surrounding region to network, collaborate, and learn about new trends, technologies, practices, and skills.

We're planning a few professional development events for software developers and engineers. If you have any ideas for what you'd like to see, send us a message.

Vision & Mission:

The purpose of the group is to make the region the home and destination for world-class software developers. To start, we will make it our mission to create a competitively-skilled community of software developers in the region.

To achieve this, El Paso Software Developer Network will:

• Connect software developers

• Support and engender a culture of excellence

• Help developers in the region become/stay world-class by staying informed of new trends, technologies, practices, and skills

• Remain accessible to developers of all skill-levels

• Promote software development industry in the region

Past events (11)

El Paso Strong Hackathon

El Paso Community Foundation

Centennial Lecture Series: Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne

Undergraduate Learning Center

MCA Demo Day

Cardwell Collaborative Building

Mission-Driven Startups and Impact Investing

Cardwell Collaborative Building

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