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This is the official calendar of the El Paso Bicycle Club

Everyone is welcome to ride with the El Paso Bicycle Club, you do not need to be a club member to join us. A complete list of all the club sponsored rides can be found on our club calendar hosted by Meetup.com (http://www.meetup.com/ElPasoBicycleClub/#calendar). For directions to and information about ride start locations use the links on the right side of this page. The Club usually sponsors a ride every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. During the period of the year when we observe Daylight Savings Time we hold two week day evening rides, a training ride for beginning and intermediate riders (the B/IG rides (http://www.meetup.com/big.html)) and a leaderless ride on Wednesday (http://www.meetup.com/localmaps/wednesday.html) evenings. Unless otherwise indicated our typical weekend rides are for road bikes. B/IG rides are normally suitable for a road, mountain or hybrid bike. If you are a seeking a technical mountain biking experience we encourage you to visit our mountain biking friends at the Borderland Mountain Bike Association (http://bmba.wordpress.com/). Most weekend rides and all B/IG rides will have a designated ride leader. The ride leader will publish a route, set the pace and provide support if you break down or become stranded. The pace, distance, and route of leaderless rides will be determined by the riders.

So, if you are looking for a group to ride with, whether you live in El Paso or are visiting from out of town, we welcome you. We do have a few simple requests to make the ride safe and fun for the whole group:

The Do's and the Don'ts


Helmets - You must wear a helmet at all times while riding. We require all riders to wear an ANSI/Snell certified helmet on all rides. No exceptions, no helmet, no ride. Ear buds - Please don't wear them. You must be able to hear other riders call out road hazards, turns and stops. Aerobars - its okay to have areobars on your bike, its not okay to use them when riding in a group. Sign In - Please sign our ride sheet, which will ask for your name, address, cell phone, home phone and emergency numbers. Please carry a cell phone and list that number on the sign-in sheet so we can call you if you get separated from the group. Flat Tires - Be prepared for a flat tire. At the minimum you should have a spare inner tube, air pump or CO2 cartridge, and tools to repair or change a flat. Start Time - Be ready to ride at the stated ride time. The time listed on all rides is the time of departure, not when riders start to gather. The ride leader will begin the ride description a few minutes prior to the departure time. At a minimum you should arrive five minutes early to sign in and hear the ride description. If you need time to air up, put on your gear and prepare your bike for the ride please plan additional time prior to the ride departure to do so, usually 15-20 minutes. Ride leaders will leave on schedule. Stay with the group. The ride leader is there to keep the group together and make sure all riders complete the ride safely. If you plan to take an alternate route or leave the group early please inform the ride leader in advance. Otherwise we will report you as missing and release the hounds. Please make sure both you and your bike are in condition to ride the stated distance and pace. We are not very good at CPR and tend to be grumpy when delayed by avoidable road side repair. Enough said, one final request - please join us and have a great ride.

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Different Spokes for Different Folks. All Groups A,B, and B minus Rides.

Penny's Diner & Oak Tree Inn Santa Teresa

All groups ! Groups A,B, B minus meet-up time 7:45 a.m. roll-out 8:00 a.m. Group A: 35 miles, the three spokes, Airport road, Santa Teresa Border Crossing and Strauss Terminal plus Aircraft/Airport loop climb. Ride Leader: Randy Limbird Group B: 30 miles, the three spokes, Airport road, Santa Teresa Border Crossing and Strauss Terminal . Ride leader tbd Group B minus. Ride leader Bob Clark 20 Miles + ride leader will announce , but plan at least Airport road and Strauss Terminal.

Saturday Upper Valley Vuelta Group B - SUSPENDED DURING CRISIS

ALL GROUP RIDES ARE SUSPENDED DURING THE CURRENT CRISIS • Distance: 25-30 miles • Roll Out: 9:00 am • Pace: 15-17 mph • Details: This ride will take you through the upper valley winding around most likely stopping at the Anthony Country Club for a short rest break. Use the restroom, get a coffee, fill up your water bottles. We will return to start via a slightly different route. • This is a weekly Saturday ride as long as it is not raining! Grab your bike, water bottles, and a spare tube and CO2. Come on out and have some fun....our mild winters are great for cycling! Hope to see you out there!! • Ride leader: TBD

Wednesday Night Ride (WNR)

Across from Rio Plaza

THIS IS A NON-CLUB RIDE. Wednesday Night Ride – 18 - 21 miles, flat. Through October (Daylight Savings Time) riders depart from either River Run Plaza or Rio Plaza between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. Organize your group for your particular speed range in groups of 5 or less. Do practice social distancing during this crisis. WNR, an El Paso cycling tradition!

Thursday Morning Cruise


Meet at 7:15 am at Starbucks at the Outlet Mall in Canutillo. Ride out at 7:30. 20-25 miles at 14-16 mph pace. Mostly flat, a few hills. Maintain physical distance of at least six feet to meet COVID-19 guidelines. Depending on the number of people who show up, we may break up into smaller groups. Participants should carry a mask in case we stop for a break at a local business. Bob Clark,[masked]. The startup time will be adjusted throughout the year as the seasons change, keep your eye on this page for changes.

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Thursday Morning Cruise


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