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Elasticsearch Relevance Engine & On-premises to cloud migration

Elasticsearch, Inc.

Join us for a meetup on June 26th in our Elastic office in Amsterdam! Doors open at 17.30 and the presentations begin at 18.00. Food, refreshments, and networking to follow. We wrap up at 20.30.

Address: Elastic's office, Keizersgracht 281, 1016 ED Amsterdam

17.30 Doors open
18.00 Talk #1 On-premises to cloud migration (45 minutes)
18.45 Talk #2 Introducing the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (45 minutes)
19:30 Networking, pizza and drinks
20.30 Wrap up


On-premises to cloud migration (exact title tbc)
Abstract tbc

Speaker: Stijn Holzauer

Introducing the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine
The evolution of search has been driven by a constant need to improve relevance and the ways in which we interact with search applications.
This talk will show how to build highly relevant AI search applications using the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE). ESRE gives developers a full suite of sophisticated retrieval algorithms and the ability to integrate with large language models (LLMs).
The Elasticsearch Relevance Engine lets developers link to their own data stores via a context window in generative AI models. The search results added can provide up-to-date information that's from a private source or specialized domain, and therefore can return more factual information when prompted instead of relying solely on a model's so-called "parametric" knowledge.
We will show how Elasticsearch Relevance Engine's configurable capabilities like applying advanced ranking features including BM24, the usage of dense embeddings using Elastic's vector database and content processing using natural language processing within Elasticsearch can help with overcoming the current limitations of generative AI.

Speakers Ioana-Alina Tagirta | Principal Software Engineer @Elastic


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