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Nov 29 -Place to Plug -for Residential Charging anywhere -Marc Ruiz (Espana)
PLACE TO PLUG -Residential Charging Ur EV Speaker Marc Ruiz (from Espana) -----------------REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE----------------------------- $13 Buffet, $5 no food, $15 door With E125,000 of seed funding, Place to Plug has started its rollout of a residential charging platform. Based in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, three brave hombres have decided to tackle the tough market of residential supplied charging outlets. Think of it as EV charging a la Airbnb, huh? How did they make the pitch? What do they see in the future? Who are their biggest competitors? Is there a Silicon Espana coming? Here is Place to Plug's advertising perks: Tap, charge and GO Charge right from your phone. A single app will give you all the power! Ensure your charge Book a socket and let it wait for you. Just keep calm and enjoy your road Charge everywhere Use sockets from our community to charge even at the top of a mountain Environment matters We reduce emissions by helping you to use EVs. Let's green the world Real-time information and management View the status of your charging points in real-time. Define your charging zones by indicating the charging stations, the number of services each station can offer, and the types of connectors. AGENDA: 1. 12:00...Pay $13 EVENTBRITE, then start your Buffet! ($5 for non-eaters; $15 at door). 2. 12:15..We'll start the meeting so we can get folks back to work (yes, we must). 3. 1:30 Close meeting. (Hang around afterwards for networking!) PICTURES:

Mayuri (Indian food)

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