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SEPT -DESIGN-a-MOTOR for UR Drone / UAV / EV (hands on)
SEPT -DESIGN-a-MOTOR for UR Drone / UAV / EV (hands on) Speaker: Ryan Money + Apps Engineers John & Jane Doe ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DETAILS: Take some of the MYSTERY out of motor selection and design. Want to know the size, torque, speed, control, firmware, weight, form factor, etc? Then come to this workshop to learn the BASICS of motor design and SELECTION: from DC brushed to DC brushless; from AC synchronous reluctance to AC asynchronous squirrel-cage induction; from universal to hysteresis motors... we got 'ya covered! CAN WE PACK THIS ALL INTO ONE HOUR? YES -with enough TURKEY & CHEESE sandwiches (and beef and veggie and ham), we most certainly can! This is the FIRST of THREE workshops; future workshops deal with future workshops dealing with motor controller selection, and online design tools. AGENDA: 1. 12:00...Pay $10 early = sandwich / chip/ drink meal (or brown bag it) (Pay $15 day of event = " " " " ) --> Pay here: Paul G. Square Reader payment link: <----- 2. 12:15..We'll start the meeting so we can get folks back to work (yes, we must). 3. 1:30Close meeting. (Hang around afterwards for networking!)

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The Electric Vehicle Entrepeneurs of Silicon Valley (EVE) is a non-profit group of peer entrepreneurs and innovators in Silicon Valley who want to participate in the design, development, and marketing of electric vehicles and electric vehicle technologies.

Anyone who is interested in creating, recruiting, or working of hot new electric vehicle startups in Silicon Valley should join this group. Also, any electric vehicle (EV) car owner in Silicon Valley is welcome to join and share ideas about what they like, and what they don’t like about their cars. Inventors and innovators are also welcome to join EVE of Silicon Valley and learn/network/and grow their ideas.

At each event, we will have a talk from a venture capitalist, start-up CEO/executive, or a Electric Vehicle expert about the latest and greatest breakthroughs in electric vehicle technology. However, a portion of time at each meeting will be reserved for networking with and meeting with peers.

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