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StrataTag is an advanced 'capture the flag' game using augmented reality checkpoints, gps mapping and real-time communications to take the strategy and fun of Capture the Flag to a whole new level. We hope you will join us to try it out!

This group is for anyone interested in playing a team strategy outdoor game. All skill and fitness levels are welcome. The game does involve exercise and some intense gameplay. You will need an iPhone (v10.x) or Android (v5.x or higher) phone with GPS and data turned on. Bring earbuds and make sure your battery is ready to go. A typical outing is 2 to 3 hour and uses 20 to 80 Mb of mobile data. The game is played with 5 or more players.

Get ready for adrenaline-fueled excitement as you work with your team to outsmart and outplay your opponent in real life. This game is a great way to get exercise, connect with friends and explore multiple layers of strategy in a new game. While playing, field players will log into the game using their iPhone or Android which enables location sharing, messaging and strategic game interactions. Expect to be up and moving quite a bit! You will be in constant contact with an Intel Player, who has a strategic view of the entire game map. If you are playing as the Intel Player, you will log into our gaming interface with the role of leading your team to victory.

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Electronic Capture the Flag - Durham

Pour Taproom: Durham

Electronic Capture the Flag Game in Wake Forest

La Foresta Italian Cafe

Electronic Capture the Flag Game in Raleigh

NCSU, Daniels Hall

Electronic Capture the Flag Game in Wake Forest

La Foresta Italian Cafe

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