Electronic Frontiers Georgia Business/Volunteer Meeting


Electronic Frontiers Georgia will have its first (in a long time) business meeting open to all who wish to volunteer with our organization. This will be a brainstorming session to determine where we want to go from here, and what each volunteer is able and willing to provide. Agenda below can be flexed depending on group consensus.


• Past Accomplishments

• Future Goals:

• > Education: Privacy Tech, Activism, etc.

• > Activism: Current State Legislation, Legislative Monitoring

• > Membership: How to define "membership", how to grow, critical mass?

• Organizational Structure:

• > (Interim?) Board of Directors

• > Officers

• > Incorporation? Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Non-Discrimination Policy

• > Tax-Exempt? 501(c)4, 501(c)3, etc.

• Organizational Logistics:

• > Leadership and managing volunteer efforts

• > Best ways to communicate

• > How to be most effective (Activism 101)

• Adjourn to a Local Establishment