Net Neutrality Event at David Perdue's Office (Cross-listed)


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It’s recess but we’re not playing on net neutrality, Senator Perdue!

David Perdue’s Congressional office.
3280 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

Date and time:
Thursday, April 5, 5:00 PM


Event Type: Event at a Congressional office

RSVP now to sign-wave for net neutrality outside your lawmaker’s office on Thursday, April 5th at 12PM and drop-off materials explaining why they need to vote for the CRA and protect real net neutrality rules.

Net neutrality is not dead yet and it’s not too late to save it, but the clock is ticking! Congress will soon vote on the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to reverse the FCC’s repeal, and before the CRA comes up for a vote, we need to make sure that as many lawmakers as possible are on our side.

Lawmakers are home for a congressional recess until April 6th so this a crucial opportunity to show up in force and put real pressure on them to support the CRA effort.

Once you RSVP, you’ll get materials to drop-off at your lawmaker’s office during your visit and we’ll connect you with others in your community attending through a pre-event call.

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