What we're about

Have an interest in electronics?
Curious about what runs our modern world, how it works and bending it to your will?
Or do you already got some skills and would like to grow your knowledge and local network with other like minded people?

The industry has exploded over the last 10 years and is more accessible than it ever has been before! The group is appropriate for young and old alike as we can all learn new things or have a perspective to share. No prior experience or understanding as we all start somewhere. For those who have some skills, bring your knowledge to share, we all wish we knew more about different specialties, microcontrollers, signal conditioning, power supplies, RF, Embeded Linux, etc.

We will start off the event series with a fortnightly event. A social meetup/ bring your project or networking with a presentation.

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Bikkie-Matic deep dive


What is the Bikkie-Matic.?.. what does it do.?.. how will it change the world?... does the world even need it? This presentation will be a follow up to a lightning talks at #Latency2019 a few days prior. Stitching together recent topics on AWS, IoT and the ESP32 by wrapping them all into a finished solution. The presentation will cover how to deploy a system on AWS using IoT core and leveraging other elements such as the API Gateway and S3 to perform a task in a delightfully over complicated manner where we follow the motto "If it 'aint broke, it doesn't have enough features". At the end we will have time to answer any other questions and general discussion. Starting at 5:45! in the basement of Flux at 191 St Georges terrace. Stairs to the right of the lobby, then down the corridor to the right, in the Hinkler meeting room. Please be mindful of other groups using the basement areas during this time. We have a slightly later start as the room is in use before hand.

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LoRa - Getting started with the things network

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