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Hello Wonderful People & Welcome to the Group!


"Elegant Happy Hours And You" in Philadelphia!"

***Disclaimer: Please keep in mind: This is group is NOT Promoted as a Singles Group in anyway shape or Form. If you happen to Meet someone Special by chance then Great, but no Guarantees as this is more of a social group not.***

Do you Remember those days when you had a lot of Friends when you were younger ? Imagine having those days back. Having that wonderful Circle of like minded Friends again.

You will notice that the Members in this group are very "DIFFERENT" from many meetups you will attend. This will keep you coming back again and again after having the "Taste of "Quality" compared to Mediocre Groups not only because of the Members but also because of the Venues we Frequent. The Venues more often then not dictate the type of clientele that will be frequenting.

As we get older many of our Friends are Married, Getting Married, Engaged, busy Raising a family and simply do not have time anymore. Such is Life. This can leave you frustrated because you have to go back out in the Field to make new friends and "Start Over." Why go at it alone?

What is the Meaning of Elegant ? It means Tastefully Fine or Luxurious In Style, Design, and Refined. Elegant Places and the Attending Company go hand in hand.

Have you ever wanted to go to nice places that are more Upscale & Fancier but didn't want to go alone ? Then Join us . You might make some Great new friends along the way too!

This is a group for those who want to make Friendships with Distinct, Cultured, Well-Read and Polished Professionals who enjoy Great Conversations about a variety of topics at Elegant and Upscale Establishments.

Do you Believe and Prefer The Quality of the People when Joining a Meetup Group over the Quantity of people in the Group? I am a Firm Believer thru Life's Experiences that most of the time, "You Get What You Pay For."

Do you Enjoy and feel you Deserve the Finer things in life? Do you believe Life is too short, and you want to Enjoy it to the fullest?? IF So THIS GROUP may be for YOU!

BEST of ALL >>There are NO Membership Dues/Fees for this group!!

The places we attend may not have "Happy hours or Happy Hour Deals and Specials." They may even have smaller food portions and Higher prices. Some Establishments may NOT offer Reservations so we may have to stand at the bar, but it's about spending time and Enjoying Each other's company! :)***

FRIENDS : Please Log in, create a profile using valid & proper profile information, provide us with at least one CLEAR main Face picture (which is mandatory for safety reasons,) then reply yes to upcoming Meetups that perk your interest and extend an invitation to other friends of yours to join us as well! Your face picture is required to sign up and stay a member with the group.


When creating a profile, please post your First name and One or more letters of your last name but not your complete last name.

In reference to RSVPS, Attendance, Your Personal Tab, Meetup Updates, Etc........If you have left without paying your individual tab (including tax and gratuity) at a Meetup you will be removed and Banned from the group.

All members are required to have an updated photo on their profile (Scenes, flowers, animals, cartoon characters, blank screens, pictures of children , sunglasses or colored boxes etc. are not acceptable)

Members who RSVP YES and are a no-show "3" times will be Permanently removed from the group.

(Unless it's an Emergency) If you're new or never attended and RSVP Yes for the 1st time & cancel the RSVP you will be removed from the group.

If you've attended before & have 3 Consistent cancellations you'll be removed from group. (Unless Emergency)

*****Please Keep in Mind No means No. If you feel Harassed by any Member, Please let me "Know."*****

An Organizer can remove any member for any reason deemed without an explanation.

Pictures: Pictures will be taken at the meetups of the meetup events of the group and members and will be tagged and posted on the group under the pictures section. ****If you do not want your picture taken let me know and I will crop you out or simply excuse yourself when I take the pictures****

On a side note: I have this group specifically for South Jersey as well if your also interested in joining in South Jersey. Here's the link:

South Jersey Elegant Happy Hours and You! (https://www.meetup.com/South-Jersey-Elegant-Happy-Hours-You/)

Sincerely, Tony

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