What we're about

This Meet-up is about:
STEM activities for families with Elementary and preschooler kids. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math excitement begins at early age. This meet-up is to foster an environment where parents can learn from each other.

I have life-long passion for science and technology and I work in technology area. I have created STEM focused cartoon characters and children storybooks. My 6 yr old and I make fun and educational STEM videos on youtube.

I am creating this meetup to bring together families with preschooler and elementary kids (or about 10years and younger) who are

1. Either already involved in STEM activities with their kids at home/school, OR
2. Want to be learn more about STEM activities from parents in same boat

The key requirements to join the group will be
1. You have elementary and/or preschooler kid(s). Expecting parents welcome too.
2. You want to participate in learning and doing STEM activities to do with kids.
3. No solicitation.

I am currently planning to have about 2 months period for the group to form and grow and then do first meet-up in early June-2018 (after schools are over). Thoughts and suggestions for activities and meet-up welcome. As the group grows, I will facilitate discussion on what we can do together, like
- Make Leonardo bridge with Ice cream sticks
- Simple science experiments
- Stroll on a simple hike or park/Rose Garden and learn about flower anatomy

And I am not an expert in all areas, so while joining I will have a question on how you can contribute - you could be a teacher, technologist, avid gardener or maker. That way all of us learn form each other.

This will be very exciting group hopefully, looking forward to seeing participation and members' thoughts.

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