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Concepts of Spiritual Healing

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We are Mind, Body and Spirit. Have you personally experienced how true health involves the harmony of every part of us? Many of us were trained that suffering was an essential part of life and not to be questioned. Delve into your concepts of spiritual healing and see for yourself how much your attitudes about suffering have changed as you have discovered more of yourself.
We are all aware that our perspectives and attitudes can affect our moods and general sense of flow in life. Is it possible for things like lack of purpose, dogmatism and skepticism can actually affect our physical body? And if so, to what extent?
Gain clarity in how you can use the energies of: will, imagination, and personal belief to be more successful and tranquil in all aspects of your life. To live more fully and abundantly in the three aspects of your being.
Improve your understanding of the value of being more mindful of our thoughts, acts and deeds as we practice to reprogram our old outdated habits with new healthy mind habits that are inline with the life we desire to be living.
This class welcomes newcomers and old sages. walk away energized and feeling directed for your next growth spurt. 5 hours 1-6 pm.