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Welcome! You have been called here to connect with like-minded people to explore consciousness and expand our minds together for further personal growth and transformation. If you feel the calling to attend trust your own intuition and honor this and all you have to do is show up with an open heart and open mind.

This is a safe space of openness, acceptance, non judgement and a place for you to explore and expand with other seekers. It seems as though much that has to do consciousness has been labelled imagination and because many of us have been taught previously that imagination is childish, we can tend to dismiss a large extent of our intuitive senses to thinking we made it all up in our mind. We are all not only Humans having or seeking spiritual experiences, we are also Spirits having and seeking human experiences and our imagination is the bridge between worlds. Come learn more about yourself.

The goal of this group is to continue to bring people together to explore and expand consciousness through meditation experiences, working with your Spirit Guides, discussions, sharing and to uplift and support one another. The focus is to help you learn the importance of self-healing within the mind, body, spirit and to be here for those times when you need a helping hand to guide you on your own personal journey.

Part of my role is to hurt people’s heads and to tickle their hearts in order to reawaken the inner knowing within others. Elements of Spirit is here to provide education, direction, guidance, validation and tools to help you connect with your gifts and a deeper understanding of your intuition. My passion is to empower fellow empaths and to teach as many people as I can, including children, about energy and intuition. We often don’t know what we don’t know until we learn about it elsewhere and everything changes when we do. I feel this will enable adults to create the life they want and that it would also be the end of bullying and peer pressure amongst children.

Our gatherings will be at several locations in Calgary, Alberta, and possibly elsewhere and could cover topics such as: Angels, Channelling, Dragons, Spirituality, Psychic abilities, Energy, Intuitive coaching, Meditations, Space clearing, sacred space creation and more, and to have fun while doing it.

Sessions are hosted by Carrie Chapman-Don, a psychic medium and channel, that has led several hundred classes at The Home of OM. Although many people are being pulled to move strictly online at this time, I am being guided to connect as a community and continue to bring humans together physically. We grow and expand exponentially when we come together and I help create and hold a safe space that enables other people to have expansive experiences of their own and show them how they can create that safe space for themselves. I am excited to know that as we grow together and our light expands and our vibration increases, that you too will help others expand their consciousness and light and love will get to spread even further.

If there is a topic you are interested in exploring, you would like to get a group together to learn in your space, or would like to book a session contact me at hello@elementsofspirit.ca. If you use Facebook feel free to join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ElementsOfSpiritCommunity/

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Spirit Guide Night

The Sage House


Spirit Guide Night Date: Tuesday, November 26th Location: The Sage House, 839 3 Ave N.W This cozy space is working on bringing people together to expand consciousness. What to bring: comfortable clothes, a water bottle, your notebook, favorite blanket, pillow or something comfy to sit on if you would like. There will be chairs and a few backjacks. Investment: $30 - cash or cc Meditation is the space we meet, get to know them, ourselves, and learn how to communicate with Spirit Guides. We just often disbelieve or are unaware of how or even that we could. Let’s set aside time for connections with members of our Light Family. Many Spirit Guides, or members of our Light Families, are coming back into our awareness now as we raise our frequencies higher. We have been taught that Angels, Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns, Galactic beings etc. are just fantasy, fiction, sci-fi, mythical, make-believe, or imagination, we are here to bridge that gap with a safe place to learn and experience these things. Coming together to meditate in group energy often allows for deeper experiences and understandings. All skill levels are welcome!! About Carrie: I’m a channel / medium and am also available for private sessions. The main guide I work with when hosting, guiding and translating for this circle is Archangel Michael. Check out my website to reach me and for lots of information about various Spirit Guides: www.elementsofspirit.ca

Dragon Circle for Planetary Healing

Bertha's Space


Dragon Circle for Planetary Healing Date: Thursday, November 28th at 7 PM Location: 2104 Palisfield Place SW Bertha welcomes the Dragons into her big bright space where she hosts regular drumming & toning circles. What to bring: comfortable clothes, a water bottle, favorite blanket, pillow or something comfy to sit on if you would like. There will be chairs and a few backjacks. Investment: $30 - cash or cc The Circle: In Dragon Circle, we get a chance to interact and co-heal the planet with Dragons and their energy. This will be an interactive group meditative experience, followed by discussion. We can each only have our own experience in our time together but if we share our experiences, it opens up many other possibilities & potentials for others. Everyone is welcome, no previous experience necessary. Dragons are energy transformers clearing & keeping the energy space around the beings they love high & clear. Thus, the meditative space will be held in this tone - safe for humans & Dragons to reconnect, explore, expand & work together again. These circles are geared towards some aspect of personal & planetary healing, experiences individually by each person. What will the night look like: We meet & work with our Dragon guide/s & many other Dragons. We connect with Gaia Work with the elements in physical or etheric ways Clear & charge the planetary grid, from inner earth and / or in a galactic way. Come and join with other like-minded people in a safe space to reconnect with the Ascended Dragon Collective consciousness, with oftentimes visits from the Ascended Masters or those in the Animal and Elemental kingdoms. Children over 10 are welcome to attend of half price with an adult as long as they are able to sit quietly & participate in meditation. More about Carrie: I’m a channel / medium and am available for private sessions. Check out my website to reach me and for lots of information about various Spirit Guides: www.elementsofspirit.ca

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40th Dragon Circle at The Home of OM

The Home of OM


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