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Welcome to a community focused on empowerment & heart-centered success!

This space is for Powerhouse women who:
Are currently taking the leap toward doing what they have been called to do.
Are full of gratitude but tired of the routine in their lives and ready for change toward more purpose, passion and joy.
Would love to be in community with other 30+, powerful, heart-centered women.

This group is an opportunity for high-achieving women to connect, learn and share in their journey to success. You will learn & discuss the:

• CLARITY needed to spark the next chapter of your life

• COURAGE required to expand into what is calling you

• CONFIDENCE to sustain your growth and open up to new possibilities

• need for a PLAN & ACCOUNTABILITY to set yourself up for success

• SELF LOVE required for taking your life to the next level

The energy in the world right now is pulling women toward more leadership and living life in a truly authentic way. We are not meant to do it alone! Join us in learning, sharing our wins, challenges, encouraging others and receiving accountability for our intentions!

NOTE: Meetups are free and are limited by the size of the room, so please rsvp now!

Please email questions to: Kysha@Elevateyournow.com

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Activate Your Calling: From Employee to Entrepreneur Virtual Experience

Join this 4th annual powerhouse virtual experience to: ✨Design an Exit Plan toward Full-time Entrepreneurship ✨Make 'Having it All' Possible & Healthy ✨Master Authentic Success & Leadership at Work & in Business 2020 has been a GLOBAL RESET for us on so many levels! With things changing day-by-day, this year is pulling women toward more leadership and living life in a truly authentic way. Not just for your own peace & health (which should be #1 on the list) but for the good of your family, community and truly, our world. When you ignore what's calling you (that business you'd like to grow): your stress level soars, exhausted is a way of life, and your loved ones (whom you've been giving all your precious time & energy to) don't get to experience your best self. I'm asking you outright, If not now, when?? Register here: www.activateyourcalling.com ($97-197) This Transformational Weekend is for the professional woman: 🟠 Being pulled to answer the (loud & persistent) Calling on her life to be, do and have more 🟠 Who isn't interested in climbing to the next rung of the corporate ladder 🟠 Who wants to pursue her purpose and leave a legacy of courage & confidence behind 🟠 Tired of spending her time, energy and talent creating an empire for someone else 🟠 Scrolling social media seeing other women living their best life while feeling both jealous and inspired! 🟠 Tired of having the same damn things on her vision board every year because she has set aside her dreams for others NO FLIGHT, NO HOTEL, NO TAKING OFF WORK! Your Weekend Schedule... (All times Pacific Standard with breaks for self-care♥️) Day 1: Friday, October 9th, 5:30-8:30pm Day 2: Saturday, October 11th, 9am-5pm ⭐Elevated Access After-party 6-7:30pm⭐ Day 3: Sunday, October 12th, 9am-5pm JOIN KYSHA MITCHELL AND A COMMUNITY OF POWERHOUSE WOMEN FOR THIS LIFE-CHANGING VIRTUAL WEEKEND: Clarity - Prioritizing Your Purpose Alongside the 9-5 ✨ Give yourself permission to take the risk of a lifetime ✨ Turn frustration into a transition plan toward being a thriving entrepreneur ✨ Encounter the YOU inside of your vision board with Kysha's crowd favorite exercise: GIVE - Group Interactive Visualization Experience Courage - Moving From Fear to Freedom ✨ Master the secret to making quick, powerful, aligned decisions ✨ Make 'having it all' possible & healthy - -Learn Kysha's feminine formula for true balance ✨ Your business is you! Stepping into VISIBILITY real-time (prizes awarded!) Confidence - Believing You Can Do It ✨ Create a love affair with MONEY - If you want to replace your income ✨ Authentic success & leadership in the workplace AND as a boss ✨ Learn the difference between CEO vision & employee hustle Looking forward to having you in the room! To register and get more info: www.activateyourcalling.com

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