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Elgin Lodge 117 A.F.&A.M. Meetup.
Gentleman, This is an open event; both informative and social. Please take an opportunity to attend one of our meet-ups and get to know the men who make up your local Masonic Lodge. We are here to Introduce ourselves to you and to answer your questions. FreeMasonry offers us all something for our own betterment. This Fraternity spans the earth as the oldest international fraternal organization in existence. Why is that? Because each member is afforded an opportunity to make it their own and still maintain the commonality of brotherhood and camaraderie. It does not take too long into your journey before you find out how common and relevant Masonry is in the world today. Your journey and experiences can, and will, be enlightening in that discovery will be a matter of applying all that you know to be good and having a place to use it. We appreciate and enjoy the company of all who attend. We post here as a public invite. Typically 10 - 15 brothers, spouses, friends and invitees are in attendance. What does it mean when you attend a Meet-up? Joining Elgin Lodge or another lodge of like minded brothers is a decision that you will make on your own behalf. We will enjoy your company whether you ask us... "what’s next" or "how do I petition a lodge" or if you come for the experience and knowledge. Check out the following links: Frequently ask questions. Hope to see you there!

The Elgin Public House

219 E.Chicago Street · Elgin, IL