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Tales of the 13th Age: OmenQuest Session 1

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OK, since we do not seem to have luck in getting to start the Shadowport Shuffle adventure, and we've fallen a but behind, we are going to try a shorter, bonus adventure that bridges the gap to 4th level. We can do this one in 2 sessions.

In this adventure the player characters follow a rumor about the whereabouts of the missing Darkskye Diamond to the Blood Wood, where a clan of kobolds were seen with it. Events transpire that see the adventurers teleported to the dungeon isle of Omen, where they must track down the kobolds to a volcanic lair and stop them using the diamond.

Kobolds feature prominently in this adventure, and it spotlights the varied and often deadly kobolds of 13th Age.

What level characters should players use? Omen Quest is an adventure designed to take characters from level 2 to level 4. At the end of the first session the characters level up from 2nd to 3rd level, at the end of the second session the characters level up to 4th level. Two adventures is quite a quick leveling up for characters. In the ongoing story of Tales of the 13th Age it fills the gap between the end of the 2nd level season and the start of the 4th level season.

So for this adventures, you could create a new 2nd level character, and level up to 3rd level at the start of session 2.

OR, you could bring in a character you've used in one of our previous adventures, already leveled to level 3, and in this case you will not level up until the end of session 2. If that makes sense. You'll already be at that power level for the entire adventure.

So this is a chance to once again try something new, or to revisit an old favorite.

How does this adventure tie into other adventures?The Darkskye Diamond was the ultimate cause of all the events of Wyrd of the Wild Wood, as well as impacting some of the events in Quest in the Cathedral. While it doesn't feature in Crown of the Lich King, it was created by the Wizard King before hisfall. Characters who have taken part in any previous adventure have good reason to seek the diamond. If that isn’t a good enough reason it is a huge diamond, and the Dragon Empire would pay to have it back (and others would pay to keep it out of the Emperor’s hands).