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54# Talk and socialize
👋 Hallo und herzlich Willkommen - we're back with the 54th edition of Elixir Berlin. ⏰ Schedule 6:45 PM: Doors open 7:05 PM: Welcome & Announcements 7:15 PM: 🗣 "TALK 1" by SPAKER ONE 7:45 PM: 🍕Break 🍺 8:00 PM: 🗣 "TALK 2" by SPEAKER TWO 8:30 PM: ⚡️ Lightning talks (Want to speak at this Meetup? Get in touch on GitHub*) 8:45 PM: Socialize & Chat about Elixir We want to encourage members of the Elixir community to share what they're working on. If you want to give a lightning talk at this Meetup, contact one of the organisers with a short description of your talk.

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