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Ladies Night - 11 oz of Elixir: Functional Programming for Everyone!

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Note: men are welcome to come with a woman participating (so guys, if you want to join, come with a friend!)


Saturday: 10:00-16:00
* 3 hours of setting up our environments so everyone can join in the programming, and a live coding introduction
* 3 hours of live coding with test driven development

Sunday: 10:00-16:00
* 6 hours of mob programming

Object-Oriented Programming has held sway for nearly three decades, but there is a way of programming that is more powerful, more flexible, more scalable, less complex, and easier to learn. It's called functional programming, and right now, large numbers of highly skilled Object Oriented programmers are learning functional programming instead. Large corporations and banks use functional programming extensively, and startups from Twitter to WhatsApp have banked on it too.

These functional programming languages aren't being taught to new developers, unless you happen to be a computer science student at MIT, UC-Berkeley, or Cambridge. Some people think it shouldn't be done - that new developers should take the standard Ruby on Rails path. But a growing number of technologists and leaders are getting behind the idea that new developers should not only learn functional programming, but that they should learn it first.

An Ounce of Elixir is a gentle introduction to functional programming using a language called Elixir. It's easy to read and easy to write. It runs way faster than Ruby or Python or Javascript. It scales from tens of users to tens of millions of users. It's the right language in a lot of cases, and it may be the right language for you to learn next.

Who it is for?

The workshop is intended for new programmers (those who have not yet worked as a professional developer) but more experienced developers are welcome to join with the understanding that the mob's success is dependent on bringing everyone to the same level.

About Rob - Coach
Rob Martin (@version2beta) is a technologist, manager, writer, and speaker who is currently focused on building functional programming teams that productively include apprentices, juniors, and intermediate developers. He's an advocate for mob programming (his teams mob for up to six hours a day), supporting women who want to code (he created and manages a women's internship program, and coaches / teaches / mentors throughout the tech community), and promotes functional programming, functional databases, and functional-first programming for startups and established development teams. Rob lives in Salt Lake City, UT and works for OC Tanner Company, an international firm that specializing in recognizing and appreciating employees.