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Blockchains based on functional programming, including Erlang or Elixir, have become a hot topic where progress is being made. One of the leading projects in the space is æternity. They are innovating with a range of functional programming languages such as Erlang as to provide a solution to blockchain scalability and reliability challenges.

Our next special ‘blockchain edition’ meetup is organised jointly by æternity and Erlang Solutions and it will share talks by a team of well-known professionals from the blockchain community, including Emin, Nikita, Ulf and Thomas. RSVP and join us for a blockchain evening filled with industry’s insight, lots of pizza and some craft beers!


Welcome with pizza and drinks

18.30: Introduction into aeternity Blockchain - by Emin

As the founder of a publishing media company (Proud), a Restaurant (Beuster) and two tech start-ups (Dropspot and Abend - 30 employees), Emin has been an active entrepreneur since 2008. He is a C-level IT Product and Engineering Manager. Within the blockchain space he is an early adopter, an ex-Bitcoin miner and an investor in Ethereum. Emin is the product and operations manager for æternity blockchain.

19.00: Writing Smart Contracts with Functional Language: from Solidity to Sophia - by Nikita

19.30: State channel on the æternity Blockchain - by Ulf

State channels present one of the most exciting opportunities for scaling up performance on blockchains, but they have yet to take off in a big way. aeternity has chosen a slightly different approach to state channels, integrating them as first-class objects on the chain, and providing a proxy implementation of the complex protocol state machine.
In this talk, we describe the aeternity State channels through some examples, explain how we think they're different, and report on some early performance numbers.

Ulf Wiger became one of the first commercial users of Erlang when he bought a license in 1993. In 1996, he joined Ericsson and became Chief Designer of the AXD 301 development, arguably the most complex system ever built in Erlang. In recent years, Ulf has been involved in products based on the AXD 301 architecture and has been an active member of the Open Source Erlang community. In February 2009 he became CTO of Erlang Solutions. He is currently working on the æternity Blockchain.

20.00: An analysis of a blockchain security protocol - by Thomas Arts

Thomas is a senior scientist and Erlang expert. He worked together with Joe Armstrong, the inventor of Erlang, at Computer Science lab in the 1990's. He holds over 20 years of experience in programming Erlang, as well as strong scientific experience, accompanied by an ability to read and understand scientific papers in theoretical computer science. Thomas excels in translating scientific theory in practical applications. He is one of the main developers of the QuickCheck testing tool.

About aeternity

æternity is a decentralised æpps platform. It scales through state channels that run smart contracts. It introduces a new language that supports formal verification and allows to write simpler, safer code. The VM accommodates compiled Solidity contracts. æternity uses an ASIC-resistant, memory-bound Proof-of-Work (PoW) with less than 15 seconds block time. It features an integrated naming system and oracles, which could be used to request and access data from various data providers.

About Erlang Solutions

Erlang Solutions is a global software consulting company working with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500, including WhatsApp, AdRoll, Klarna, Pivotal, aeternity Blockchain to mention a few. We fix issues of scale, reliability & performance, and we optimise RabbitMQ too! We are proud of being a truly cultural mix of people working towards one goal - to spread the reach of Erlang and Elixir programming languages across the globe.