Elixir London, November 2018

Elixir London
Elixir London
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Doors open at 1830 and we're going to start talks at 18:45!

We will have a full talk thanks to Daniel Chambers and lightning talks after.

You can register your lightning talks by talking to us in the #london channel in the Elixir slack. You will be able to register for lightning talk during the event if there are slots left.

Lightning slot can be 5min or 10min, but we will prioritise 5min one.

The goal is to offer a place for first time speakers and people joining the community to wet their feet and test the waters. Please reach and encourage anyone you know that may be in that situation to come and talk. We want them !

Thanks to our new sponsors, Nested, we will have food. We'll point them out before talks in case anyone would like to speak to them about opportunities.

Afterwards we will head to The Banker at the end of Cousin Lane.

A message from Deliveroo:

“Please note that Deliveroo has a designated area for the event you’re about to attend, and in that space you’re free to take pictures, videos and chill out. Given that this event space is in the middle of an open-plan office, we ask all attendees to stay in the designated area and not leave this area or disturb employees who might be working at their desks. Furthermore it is strictly prohibited to take pictures of boards or screens outside of the designated area and/or disclose any information you might read outside of the designated area. Enjoy the event, and thanks for joining us!”

IMPORTANT: Please bring some ID with your full name on it e.g drivers license or bank card, as you will be asked to sign some paper agreeing to the rules above.