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Elixir London - March 28th, 2019!

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Baris B.


Hi Everyone!

We're going to be hosting the first meetup of the new year at TotallyMoney who have stepped in last minute to provide a space!

There are two speakers this month (and food between them), but we would love to find more for future events, please get in touch if you'd like to give a talk, otherwise the meetup will have to be quarterly!

Ben Smith (@slashdotdash) - Event-sourcing in practice.
Using Elixir to build event-driven applications.

Alvise Susmel (@alvisesus) - Building a simple persistent key-value store using logs and Elixir
Observing the nice properties of logs and immutability, while building our own super simple key-value store engine in elixir.

Look forward to seeing you all!
Churchill House
142-146 Old Street · London
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