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This month we have Brian May discussing his project Robotica using Elixir and Nerves. We'll round out the night with a Randori mob programming exercise

• 6:00pm - arrive, socialise

• 6:30pm - welcome and introduction

• 6:45pm - Robotica - Robot maid for assisting with autistic kids - Brian May.
Dealing with an autistic child can be a challenge. Even more so for
twins. I invented Robotica to try and help with some of the challenges
at keeping a fixed routine. At designated times, Robotica will give
voice messages, play music and/or adjust the LIFX lights. This talk
gives an update from my talk at LCA2018, including use of Elixir and

• 7:15pm - food, socialise

• 7:45pm - Randori mob programming session

Randori is an agile TDD coding exercise where two people write code on a big screen, and you swap out one of the people every 5 minutes.

From https://agilepainrelief.com/notesfromatooluser/2008/10/tdd-randori-session.html :

In a Randori we work as a group trying to solve a small problem using TDD:
- There is one computer with the video output projected on a screen so all participants can see it.
- Coding is done at the single computer by a pair of developers.
- One half of the pair switches out every 5 or 10 minutes.
- The pair on the keyboard should continuously explain what they are doing.
- The pair on the keyboard should stop when someone from the audience falls off the sled — and only continue when that someone is back on track again.
- The audience should give comments on design only when there is green bar. (During red bar audience can only ask questions)
- The pair should not continue on writing new code if other participants are not happy with the current design (The code should be always well refactored before starting to write new code)
- The pair will use TDD (Test-Driven Development).

• 8:15pm - finish up and head to Saint & Rogue (next door to Envato at 582 Little Collins St, Melbourne)

Huge thanks to Envato (https://www.envato.com/) for venue and food sponsorship, and Lucida (http://www.lucidaco.io/) who are covering our beverages.