Intro to Elixir for Beginners - Hands on Training

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Intro to Elixir for Beginners - Hands on Training

Come out for a gentle intro to Elixir for total Beginners.

The meetup will assume basic programming knowledge (variables, loops, using a terminal and code editor), but zero knowledge of Elixir.

1. Please Bring your own Laptop. This will be a hands on workshop. Pairing or working in groups will be ok for those who prefer.
2. Install Elixir
3. Signup for and join Elixir Track
4. Join the SD Elixir Slack
Can get help w/ Install or Questions

Why Learn Elixir?
Elixir is an exciting language and community.
For those who enjoy Javascript, Python, Ruby etc, Elixir offers some new ways to build scalable and resilient web apps.

Elixir is a modern language created by Jose Valim (former Rails Core contributor). It leverages very powerful model Erlang OTP Concurrency model and the BEAM VM. A lot of the Rails community has moved to Elixir/Phoenix. It plays great w/ JS Frameworks, as Elixir is good for building RESTful or GraphQL APIs.

The Elixir community is very friendly, smart, and helpful. Hoping we can get some momentum w/ Elixir down in San Diego!

Tentative Plans for first Training:

About Elixir and the Community
- Why Elixir? What is it?
- Erlang and Elixir connection
- Learning Resources

Installing Elixir and Erlang
- Please Try to install both prior to the session
- Will show overview of how to do

Elixir Basics
- Syntax
- Language Features

Basic Exercises
- Provided Examples

Writing Some Simple Programs
- We will write a few simple programs together

Initial Session will not Cover Phoenix or OTP
Future Sessions will get into OTP, Phoenix, Absinthe, or whatever topics.

Goal is to start some momentum for Elixir community and meetups in San Diego.

Initial Sessions will be led by Brett Sanders

Brett is a Software Engineering Manager at Requis (supply chain platform).
His background is with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React.

He's interested in Elixir because of its simple syntax and powerful capabilities for writing concurrent systems.

If looking to get involved w/ teaching or speaking at some Elixir SD events, Please Join Slack Elixir and contact Brett.