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Elm Introductory Workshop!
Note: There is a hard cap at 14 people. Please only reserve a spot if you are a beginner and plan on coming. In this workshop, we'll take you through the process of building interactive web applications using Elm, a delightful frontend language for reliable webapps. By the end of the day, you'll have built an interactive webapp and have a basic understanding of functional programming! # Previous Experience This workshop is designed for students with some programming experience: - You know how to define a function in some common programming language (Javascript, or Ruby, or Python, or similar) - You have used lists or arrays in some common programming language - You have used the terminal, but are not necessarily a Power User # Schedule 9-10am: Check-in, breakfast, and software installation (please arrive by 9:30am at the latest) 10am: Opening talk, student sorting 10:30am: Code 12:30pm: Lunch 1:30pm: Code 4:30pm: Closing talk, announcements & retrospectives 5-7pm: Afterparty (optional) # Food and Drink Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please note dietary restrictions in your response to the event. # Afterparty Everyone's invited to have a drink together after the workshop. Location will be within a 5 minute walk from the workshop location. # Sponsors Nextjournal is a tool that improves data-driven research. Our articles make results and methods reproducible and foster model-driven debate.


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