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My name is Mark Abrams. I’m interested in starting an educational Role Playing Game Club in the area. As a member of the Professional GameMaster Society (http://ProfessionalGameMasterSociety.com), I believe that RPGs are a wonderful pastime, and at the same time also can be a very creative teaching-learning experience as well. I started playing RPGs when I was a freshman in High School, and started GamesMastering in at that time, way back in 1978. So I have quite a bit of experience with creating fabulous adventures in the realm of the imagination and playing them out as wondrous Campaigns in the often astounding World of Elthos. I've run a number of educational RPG programs for kids in the area in the past, and would like to build on that foundation to create a truly unique and wonderfully creative educational experience for kids in the future.

Style of Play

I play fairy tale and medieval fantasy campaigns, with a bit of science fiction mixed in here and there, which makes it suitable for children as well as adults. I customize my game according to the age and interests of my Players. My emphasis has always been on the quality of the storyline, and the enjoyment of the players. My goal is to provide the Players a sense of team spirit, critical thinking, good sportsmanship, the benefits of investigation, planning, organization, and the perils and rewards associated with risk taking, determination, courage, and fair play. I will also be endeavoring, within the context of the game, to expose the players to certain educational materials, such as classical artwork and music (with brief discussions) as well as history, philosophy, and where applicable, science and math. This is all done in the frolicking world of Elthos where adventures involve battling giants and dragons, or exploring realms beyond the far reaches of the known world, depending on what the young heroes decide to do with their Characters in the game World. It’s a truly fabulous way to learn!

Elthos: The RPG System

I created the first version of the Elthos RPG in 1978. It is a system of my own design based off of the original version of D&D. In recent years I distilled down my original Elthos system to a much more efficient mini-system that makes for greater ease-of-play, and then went on to program the mini-system as an online application named The Mythos Machine. It serves to make my games highly efficient for both myself and my players.

The Arrangements

My preference is to play local games in person anywhere within 15 miles of White Plains, NY. A suitable environment for play is required. For local in-person games, because there is an theatrical aspect to the playing of Role Playing Games, atmosphere is an important factor. Particularly lighting and the coziness of the play area which I find makes a significant difference. A table for players to use as a writing surface is required as well as a separate table for the GameMaster.

If local games are not possible due to distance or any other reason, we can resort to playing via an online venue using Hangouts, Roll20 or similar Virtual Table Top software. While not ideal, it is a functional solution that provides certain benefits, though there may be limitations.

A consistent time and location for the games is also required in order to make scheduling easier on everyone. I would run 1 game sessions per week and usually play in 12 week, or seasonal cycles starting and ending at the beginning of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. These 12 week cycles are called Campaigns, and each individual game is an Adventure.


$8.00 / Hour per Player (minimum of 5 players, maximum of 12). Payment must be made whether or not the participants show up, unless prior notice is given at least 2 days in advance (or in the case of legitimate hardship), and payment will be collected via the Meetup website.

The Club Rules

Players: There can be a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 club players during a given game. A Club Player Waiting List can be created if necessary. Elthos games are typically appropriate for young adults, and / or adults, and the theme and style of the game will be adjusted accordingly.

Place and Time: All players are expected to show up on time and be able to play the full length of the game, which is typically 4 hours, though that can potentially be extended if desired.
Player Attendance: Players who can not attend the game should contact the GM via the Meetup email feature to let the me know that they won’t be able to make it at least 2 days in advance of the game. They may at that time assign any character(s) that they have in the current game to be played either by the GM or another Player at their discretion. If no contact is made then the character(s) will be played at the GM’s discretion. Players who do not show up for three consecutive games may have their position replaced by someone on the waiting list, and their Character may be assigned the status of “Red Shirt” (most players will understand what that means).

Payment: The club game fee will be collected on a per game basis at the standard rate, payable through the Meetup website.

Code of Conduct: Players must behave in a polite manner toward other Players and the GM at all times or they may be benched for the game. Good sportsmanship will be emphasized. I'll do my best to take this club in the direction that the majority of members seem to want to go. I'll often ask for member input into various happenings in the club and I'll be receptive to ideas and criticisms by members regarding the club. However, if I find that a member is acting in such a way as to disrupt club activities or ruin other member's enjoyment of the event, that member will be dismissed from the Club.

Arbitration/Disputes: The GM will arbitrate all game related disputes and those decisions must be considered final.

Derivative Works: The Gamemsaster reserves the right to use any and all materials, characters, dialog, and the like that may be produced by the participants throughout the course of the game for ancillary and derivative works, such as marketing the service or creating related commercial products, such as books, web-comics, and the like. The participants will also have an equal right to use the same materials for any purpose they wish as well, so that the granting of this license is fully mutual between all parties involved.

Well, let me know if this plan seems good to you, or if you have any suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Mark Abrams,

Professional GameMaster Profile (https://plus.google.com/u/0/111193673863924049303/about)

of The Professional GameMaster Society (http://professionalgamemastersociety.com/)


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