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We are a group of friends who Drive in the desert of UAE as well as adjoining countries mainly Oman , Our Main focus is to organize events where anybody with an Suv can join in and learn about

Driving in different Terrains such as Desert, Wadi's etc , we do not only drive for fun but we also have Desert Saving events where we make sure our desert and other areas are well kept and clean and healthy for our coming generation , we again welcome you to be part of one of the oldest 4x4 clubs and with your presence we can make this a more successful group .

General guideline:

Please note we are a non profit /non commercial group, who are here to enjoy the activities,and we welcome all communities from all walks of life, however we have certain rules which needs to be followed by all , as this group is a fun group we would not tolerate people who will create nuisance and indulge in any sort of politics and or any types of grouping , so as to run our operations smoothly we will remove those members immediately without any warning or reasoning.



Liability Waiver:

By joining us, you have agreed to accept personal responsibility on any event organized by us, as indicated here: By joining this group, you agree to take personal responsibility for all risks associated with any trip we organize including Driving in the Desert/Mountains or any activity which is done under our banner which could include various injuries such as those resulting from falls, dehydration, muscle pulls or sprains, broken bones or head injuries.

You agree to accept that the leaders of Emarat 4x4 have taken reasonable precautions to ensure that these risks are minimized and prevented. Through participating in any event organized by Emarat 4x4 you are ultimately accepting that its is your personal responsibility for the activities you decide to engage in and understand that any injuries, sustained or any fatality which might happen as a result of anybody's fault in such events are solely at your own risk and your own responsibility and you cannot take any organizer or the Group leaders to any court or hold him / her responsible for any type of compensation what so ever.

You agree to take every precaution to accept the recommendations for proper equipment required before you attend an activity, as well as accepting the recommendations for water consumption and other pertinent issues. You also agree to accept advice of more experienced CREW/MARSHAL whose goal is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the group.

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