Common cryptography mistakes and how to use crypto securely

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Evidente AB, 4th floor

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We would like to welcome you all to Evidente, on the 22nd of January, to talk about common cryptography mistakes and how to use crypto securely.

Most implementations of security mechanisms depend on cryptography, and yet, many vulnerabilities exist because cryptography is used incorrectly.
This is partly due to bad API design of cryptographic libraries [1][2], and partly due to a lack of education in the developer community of the underlying mechanisms. As for the bad API design, we can only lobby for more user-focused design during library development and advocate user-friendly libraries.
We can, however, try to improve the communal understanding of how to use cryptography securely.
By way of examples, we will explore questions such as:
- What is an IV and why does it matter?
- Why does entropy matter?
- Which cipher mode is appropriate for my application?
And many more...


17:30 - Doors open, mingling, food
18:15 -Speech
19:15 - Questions
19:30 - Some more mingling
20:00 - Event ends

Please note there are *limited seats* for the event. Please update your RSVP as soon as your plans have changed for us to accommodate the maximum amount of participants and minimize food waste.

About the speaker:
Aljoscha Lautenbach is Evidente’s lead engineer in the area of cyber security. He has worked with different technical topics, and on different levels, in projects securing our customers products.
Aljoscha is also active in research at Chalmers where he is pushing on to complete his PhD in cyber security.

About the event hosts:
Evidente is a Swedish engineering consultancy, committed to key aspects of developing products with embedded systems. Our customers include some of the leading Scandinavian high-tech companies, all sharing the same level of expectation - Embedded Excellence.