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The purpose of the group is to be Professor X's Cerebro, and find them all.
Embedded (Linux, bare metal, OS internals, so called IoT, Industrial, Firmware, FPGA, Hardware, etc.) Engineers and practitioners should join the group, if they have interest in meeting, sharing and learning.

Our kick-off meeting will be in February 2nd. It will be under-marketed, and open to the public.

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Embedded Israel - Meeting #3 (WILL BE HELD ONLINE via Youtube/Google Meet)

Agenda to be announced If you want to speak/host/sponsor submit the talks and follow the guidelines in https://docs.google.com/document/dan/1z8VY3yzcdAbT34_iqiur1JEpOEK6B-uDYJkWDVXHJzI/edit Online meeting link: meet.google.com/kkr-fpbf-meo Talk #1 ============ Introduction to Android Automotive Target Audience ------------------------- Pretty much everyone, device builders/security researchers preferred. Abstract -------------- Since we are having the meetup at an automotive player, it's a good opportunity to tell people what to expect in the fields of Android Automotive, how it differs from other Android Products, and how you can experiment with it if you are developing a device, and even if you're not. The talk will include a very brief overview of what an Android platform is, and how it is built, demonstrate a device (if I get permission to...) or emulator, and will leave you with good taste for more, if it is within your fields of research/development. Ron will deliver a couple of more exhaustive Android Internals and Automotive courses in Israel, in May. Note: Since space at our host is limited, and I'm expecting this talk to be very popular, if there is an extreme overbooking then: if possible - we will moderate entry (sorry) else - if there are other talks of good quality (i.e. if people submit on time) talk will be cancelled/rescheduled. (As promised, I am giving priority for others to speak, and not using the meetup as a self selling platform. I've done enough, thank you...) Length ----------- We'll see... Bio ------ Ron has trained thousands of engineers in the fields of Android Internals, helped building dozens of devices, researhching dozens of others and is a renowned Android Internals expert, who doesn't like to write about himself too much. He will fill in more details, somewhat more formally, once the other CFP's are in line.

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