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April 2014 Meetup

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72 people went

Tilde Inc

517 SW 4th Ave, Ste 2 · Portland, OR

How to find us

We're on the 2nd floor; take the elevator or stairs.


And we're back!

The basic formula: good people, good food, good talks. We'll generally have two talks, usually at different skill levels, some break and networking time, and other topically relevant things as they come up.

For starters, we'll hear from Tom Dale on the topic of Web Components. Tom's still finessing the best way to get new audiences into the topic, so this'll be a 5-minute primer, to lay the groundwork for a longer talk at a future meetup.

Next we'll hear from a number of EmberConf attendees about what they learned, their favorite takeaways, talks, etc.

Jonathan So, Kyle Scherling and Emanuele Tozzato will talk about their top five talks, what they learned, loved, etc. They all volunteered this year, so they'll have special behind-the-scenes insights ;)

Next Rico Jones will talk about the community aspect of EmberConf and it's accessibility to "outsiders", with his talk titled The Ember community from the outside looking in. AKA, "outside" is all in your head.

Last but not least, local Ember developers Lars Beal and Andy Baudoin will be speaking for the first time, with a talk titled Spaghetti 2 Legos. Two developers share their experience creating their first Ember.js app from a front to back perspective. Inception, workflow, and implementation are all on the menu.

If you or your company would be up for sponsoring, we can use all the help we can get (especially if we want to keep up the good-food trend!). Meetup sponsorships can be just a few hundred dollars, and make a tremendous difference. Please reach out!

See you soon...