June 2014 Meetup

This is a past event

53 people went

Tilde Inc

517 SW 4th Ave, Ste 2 · Portland, OR

How to find us

We're on the 2nd floor; staircase is unlocked :)


Same basic formula: good people, good food, good talks. We've got three great new talks from new speakers—join us!


6:30pm - 7:00pm: Check-In, Networking and Food
7:00pm - 7:25pm: Michael Kaiser-Nyman
7:25pm - 7:40pm: Steven Lindberg
7:40pm - 7:45pm: Break + announcements
7:45pm - 8:05pm: Rocky Neurock
8:05pm - 8:30pm: Wrap-ups, Networking



We'll hear from Michael Kaiser-Nyman on the topic of teaching Ember. He'll distill his experience teaching Ember to his students into some useful reusable lessons about pitching Ember to your friends and coworkers.

Next Steven Lindberg will talk about "Nested JSON responses and Ember Data". This will focus on exploring support for models with nested object attributes in Ember Data, with a special emphasis on model state.

Last but not least, Rocky Neurock will present his talk "Return Typeof Talk". Knowing the different types in JavaScript isn't a hard thing to master but developing a deeper understanding of types can reveal new design patterns, including some common patterns found in Ember and Handlebars.

If you or your company would be up for sponsoring, we can use all the help we can get (especially if we want to keep up the good-food trend!). Meetup sponsorships can be just a few hundred dollars, and make a tremendous difference. Please reach out!

We've got plenty of room, but RSVPs via Meetup ARE required.

See you soon...



HealthSparq® develops healthcare transparency software solutions for health plans and employers to offer to their members and employees. The result turns patients into informed healthcare shoppers, allowing them to seek out better care, make smarter choices and save money.

Lytics Is a customer data platform for marketers to help enable actions anywhere in their ecosystem by consolidating their user data and behaviors.

We are building a 100% static Ember web app backed by json api's, we also do some visualization in D3. Our front end positions are 100% dedicated to Ember, and we encourage active participation in open-sourcing ember components.