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This meetup is dedicated to Ember.js and things related to Ember.js. Join us to meet other Ember.js developers, designers and enthusists.

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Workshop #1 "Deploy to CouchDB with Ember"


Martin Broerse will be running a free workshop to get you started with Ember and/or CouchDB. This event is open to Ember developers of any skill level, and also to any Javascript developer who wants to learn more about the Ember community. No previous knowledge of Ember or CouchDB is required! Pre-requisites - Your own laptop (and bring it to the workshop šŸ™) - Node.js installed on your laptop

Ember Meetup #18


Hi all! The next Meetup will be hosted by FeedbackFruits on their new location in Amsterdam. This Meetup is themed about Ember Octane and Offline First with PouchDB/CouchDB. We are joined by members from the CouchDB Meetup Europe. If you like to give a short or longer talk get in touch with Martin or Richard. 18:30 - 19:00: Walk in, food (pizza's) and drinks 19:15: Talks Talk #1 - Deploy an Ember Octaine App on the free my.couchcluster Martin Broerse Talk #2 - Managing a Forest in Offline Mode Niels Dequeker - Snacks, drinks and socialize

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Ember Meetup #17


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