Ember Seattle February Meetup

This is a past event

44 people went


February is a particularly great month to meetup with the ember community. Other months are Dec, Jul, Jun, Sep, Jan, Oct, Apr, Aug, Nov, May and March.

Join the Ember Seattle Community for conversation and talks! We are excited to have Nathan Hammond in town along with other Ember core team and subteam members on hand for questions and discussion.

Nathan Hammond (https://github.com/nathanhammond) from the Ember CLI subteam will be flying into town to speak and hang out with all of you wonderful people. He has been working on ways to better test Ember CLI and he'll show you how you can use the same tools to test your own addons. Come learn about `PackageCache`, `AppFixture` and more! (And he promises to stick around afterward to field questions on Engines.)


6:00 Meet and Greet

6:30 Nathan Hammond

7:15 Kelly Selden (https://github.com/kellyselden) - ember-awesome-macros (https://github.com/kellyselden/ember-awesome-macros) and making your own macros

7:40 Chris Watts (https://github.com/seawatts) - server side rendering ember apps aka fastboot (https://ember-fastboot.com/)

8:15 Wrap-up and networking

Thanks to Classmates.com (http://www.classmates.com/) for hosting the meetup!

Ember Seattle Slack Channel (http://emberjs-seattle.herokuapp.com/) for questions and comments

Century Square locks their doors at 6:00pm, so be sure to arrive early if you can (the meeting space will be open for mingling at 5:30pm). Once the doors are locked, there is only one access door on 4th Ave, next to Yardhouse. There will be people present downstairs to let guests in until 6:30pm.

Parking is available in the building (entrance on Pike St) and is $7 all evening after 5:00pm (garage is open until 1:00am).