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Ember NYC started in 2012 when Luke Melia drove Yehuda Katz from Philadelphia to New York to speak about a brand new framework called Ember when it was pre-beta. Since then it's been one of the longest running and most popular Ember.js meetups, and one of the first to be filmed and live-streamed. Ember.js NYC frequently features Ember Core Team members and other members of the community from New York and all over the world who come to speak about fascinating and exciting things they are doing with the framework.

Come join us to hear the latest news and meet the many friendly and helpful members of the New York Ember Community.

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Compiling Ember, Concurrency, FastBoot, and more!

After an August break, Ember NYC is back in September! Join us at the Cardstack office in NYC's One World Trade Center (Financial District). Important: If your name on Meetup does not match your photo ID, message the meetup organizer with your full name. You will need to provide a photo ID and any bags you bring with you will be scanned. ** Ember Octane: The Basics ** Special Guest Chris Garrett Framework Core Team member Chris Garrett will walk us through the new features in Ember Octane and how to update existing apps. Join us to learn about Octane from one of its largest contributors. ** Ember Concurrency, but for the Blockchain ** Hassan Abdel-Rahman Explore advanced Ember Concurrency techniques when building an Ember app that uses Metamask and web3 to send Ethereum transactions. ** Testing Ember FastBoot Applications ** Ryan Toronto In this talk we'll look at how we can use Ember's testing tools to ensure our FastBoot server is rendering the correct HTML. ** Compiling Ember ** Special Guest Ed Faulkner will recap his EmberCamp Chicago talk from earlier in the month. Compilers have a reputation for being esoteric and intimidating. But they don't need to be! A compiler is just a program that writes programs. This talk will be a practical tour through the Embroider build system that also teaches compiler concepts along the way. With the power of multi-pass compilation, Embroider can take a long-lived, conventional Ember app and give it lazy loading, code splitting, and tree shaking. All without modifying the app's own code. **** If you have a talk you would like to give at Ember NYC, be it a five minute lightening talk, a conference talk dry-run, or a headline presentation, please contact matt.beale_AT_madhatted.com to arrange a speaking opportunity.

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