Ember Core Team member Matthew Beale: "Glimmer and Ember"

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Come join us for "Glimmer and Ember", a talk from Ember Core Team member Matthew Beale (@mixonic)!

To really compare Glimmer to Ember, it helps if you write the same app twice. That’s what I did. Come learn the technical differences between the two frameworks, why the creation of Glimmer is good for Ember, and how we’re using Glimmer to land Ember features like module unification.

Matthew is an Ember.js Core Team member and has been championing the module unification effort. He runs the consulting company 201 Created which offers Ember.js training, performance consulting, and Ember.js platform support.


Lightning Talks

Isaac Ezer (@isaacezer) will talk about using Kris Selden's ember-macro-benchmark (https://github.com/krisselden/ember-macro-benchmark) to benchmark Ember apps.


We have room for 2 more lightning talks. Let luke __at__ lukemelia dot com know if you'd like to give one.