Katie Gengler on Ember 3.0 and What You Need to Know

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Katie Gengler (@KatieGengler) will give a talk: "What’s changed in Ember 3.0.0? Nothing. What’s changed since Ember 2.0.0? Nearly everything." Ember 3.0 is imminent. If this were almost any other project, Katie would be offering a tour of new and long-awaited features, but Ember’s major versions are “garbage collection” releases that remove deprecated behavior.

Katie is a member of the Ember.js Core Team, a partner at the consultancy Code All Day, and the creator of Ember Observer.


Lightning Talks:

* Gaurav Munjal (@gaurav9576) will share how he cut his Ember app CI time in half.
* Ray Tiley (@raytiley) on "Addon Mashups - Fast Feedback On Mockups"
* Chris LoPresto (@chrislopresto) with an update on ember-freestyle

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