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"ember-data with a non-JSONAPI Backend" & "Building Better Components"

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5 Bryant Park, 8th Floor · New York, NY

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Sign in at lobby security, take elevator to 8th floor and follow the signs.

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This month we have a talk from Robert Wagner on "Using ember-data with a non-JSONAPI backend", and a talk from Dianne Eramo on "Building Better Components".


Robert will join us from Washington DC to talk about using ember-data slightly off the golden path -- when your backend is not compliant to the JSON-API spec. This is a common case, and Robert will walk through the techniques and APIs you will need to handle it elegantly.

Robert has been in love with Ember since 2012, and will tell anyone and everyone about it. He runs Ship Shape ( / @shipshapecode), where he provides Ember consulting and mentoring services to clients, helping them level up their apps and their Ember skills. He loves free swag, tacos, his French Bulldog Odie, and maintaining Ember addons.


Components are such a large part of Ember apps, and they can do everything from displaying a post to loading data for a form. But the freedom that comes with this flexibility can also make it difficult to know if a particular approach will make your components a dream to work with or leave you tearing your hair out. When creating a new component, you might ask yourself what its main purpose is, whether it should be generic and reusable or for one specific purpose, or which of its properties are necessary to expose to the outside world. This talk will explore these questions and more to help you build better components.

Dianne (@DianneEramo) has been an Ember developer since 2016 and enjoys learning and thinking about effective code design. She loves The Fifth Element almost as much as The Princess Bride, which she thinks is a good encapsulation of the type of person she is.


⚡️ Lightning Talk ⚡️

We have room for one 5-10-minute talk. Contact luke __at__ lukemelia dot com if you have something to share.