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This meetup is focused on learning and applying Ember.js to ambitious web apps.

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Whip-up a fresh app with Ember & TailwindUI

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You've probably heard of TailwindCSS (https://tailwindcss.com/), and maybe you've used it with Ember (or at least watched the free video on EmberMap regarding that at https://embermap.com/video/using-postcss-and-tailwind). Well, to be honest I (Jacob) was late to the party and didn't really fall in love with it, though I appreciate it and see how others may find it handy. However, my tardiness apparently paid off as it caused me to stumble upon a much newer offering called TailwindUI (https://tailwindui.com/). It's not open source, but the licensing is quite generous, in my opinion (you can basically do whatever you want with it except repackage it), and since discovering it around the end of February, it's already been a lifesaver for several small/quick projects. During this MeetUp I'll share how I used it to build an app for part of my academic work at the University of Minnesota. Please feel free to share your own recent discoveries, experiences, etc. as well, and/or ask questions!

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