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"It's time to drop all of that that shit and reclaim YOUR truth, YOUR true identity, and live an AMAZING life that is in alignment with YOUR dreams!"-Jacinta

If you're looking to reconnect to all of who you were meant to be, release everything that is holding you back, and create a life that lights you the fuck up then this group is for you!!

Most of us are walking through life Disconnected. From who we really are at our core, the people around us, spirituality of our own understanding, our emotions, and from truly experiencing life the way we ALL deserve to live it.

WHY? Because most of us are carrying around the emotional and energetic weight of unprocessed trauma/abuse/painful past experiences. Most of us were taught from a young age who we are, what we want, and how we should be living life based upon what society deems acceptable and "normal". I say it's time to drop that shit and reclaim YOUR truth and live an AMAZING life on YOUR terms!

You are your own guru and YOU have the power right inside of you. Everything that you are looking for, desiring, and seeking can be found by tapping into your truest self. By connecting to your unique soul. The challenging thing is that most of us have been so disconnected and smashed down by certain life experiences that we don't really know HOW to reconnect which is why I am here. I want to guide your back to your inner truth and power.

*I believe that life is meant to be adventurous and fucking fun!
*I believe that life is meant to feel free, joyful, light, and abundant
*I believe that we all have the ability to CREATE the life of our dreams and no dream is too big!
* I believe that we are all on a unique path and your soul knows the way for YOU

Events/workshops/Topics that you will find here:
-Embodied Breath: Transformational breathwork journeys
-Embodied and sacred healing dance workshops
-Manifesting, intention settings, and Law of attraction
-Trauma healing and releasing painful past experiences
-Connecting to a spirituality of your own understanding
-Intentional living
-Reprogramming limiting subconscious patterns and blocks
-Creating a life in alignment with your truth
-More freedom, joy, peace, love, abundance, and lightness
-Emotional healing made simple
-Reclaiming and creating the life you desire as well as deserve

It’s time to WAKE UP and reclaim the life that your SOUL is trying to lead you towards. You have the power within you to create it, manifest it, and LIVE It!

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Your Intuition Knows Her Shit!

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The Untamed Woman ✺ 4 Day Free Training

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Embodied Breath: Transformational Breathwork Journey

Online event


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